In the highly-competitive iGaming market, companies are constantly battling each other for a share of the market, so it is imperative that they use every possible tool in their depository to be a step above the rest.

One of these tools is player segmentation, which AXON Gaming offers as part of its software solution. This feature enables the division of a pool of players into smaller groups based on their overall betting behaviour and preferences to make it easier to target and effectively communicate with them.

Player segmentation is therefore essential to an iGaming marketing campaign, but the wide variety of ever-changing player personas may pose a challenge. Before anything else, it is important for iGaming companies to realise that players are not created equal, nor do they bet in the same way, which is why they should be targeted with specific campaigns. iGaming brands need to distinguish between one-time players, frequent players, and VIP high rollers.

How can AXON Gaming make player segmentation easy?

AXON helps you understand your active players’ behaviour

Active players that frequent a brand need to be segmented into specific player personas, as everyone has their own personal approach towards placing a bet. This is generally translated in the bet amount, bet type, and bet frequency. Players who place many bets or large single bets often tend to become heavily engaged and loyal to the brand. This is the ideal point where an iGaming company can promote special tournaments and offer exclusive bonuses.

Making players stay active longer

iGaming companies are used to the constantly changing faces of their customer base, yet it is a recognised fact that player retention costs less than investing to attract new ones. Since frequent players and VIPs are the ones that are most likely to play again, hence bringing the company more revenue, these players need to be taken care of to keep them returning to your site and playing more. And once they have formed a more meaningful relationship with your brand, they are more likely to do so.

Increase player retention with AXON Gaming

Another recurring issue in iGaming is that of registration without depositing, or depositing without playing, which basically means that player never follows through with placing a bet. Poor website design or too many steps in the process are two factors that may attribute to this. However, through player segmentation, the marketing team can understand why certain players are abandoning their bets and can thus target them with a specific solution.

Player profiling and player segmentation should therefore not be regarded as a bonus to your iGaming company’s marketing strategy, but rather an integral addition to your iGaming business. With AXON Gaming, your brand doesn’t have to risk missing an opportunity to target your player base in the most direct, efficient way possible.

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