From A to Z, Pepperi is for every industry

There are many industries which are benefiting from Pepperi. From food and beverage, arts and crafts, hobbies and pet food, to industrial equipment, musical instruments, and medical and dental supplies, Pepperi boosts sales and streamlines order-to-cash processing for a wide range of brands and wholesalers.

Pepperi is trusted by companies across many different industries. Hear how these customers successfully implemented the Pepperi mobile sales platform and boosted sales agility for their businesses.

Fashion Apparel & Accessories

Sell in style with Pepperi for Fashion Apparel & Accessories

The fashion apparel and accessories industry mandates that brands and wholesalers sell pre-season, during-season and post-season. This means that fashion sales ordering must be flexible and customizable, with multiple catalogs, line sheets, multiple product sizing options and price levels, support future inventory, multiple delivery dates, pre-packs, and more.

These capabilities, among others, have made Pepperi the indispensable order taking solution for wholesalers of clothing, fashion accessories and footwear, worldwide.

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Jewelery & Watches

Let your sales shine with Pepperi for Jewelry & Watches

If you sell watches or jewelry, you are probably struggling with sell-through approximations and dead inventory, field sales monitoring, complex pricing schemes, and real-time sales performance analysis.

Pepperi for Jewelry and Watches is a sales suite for brands and wholesalers with on-the-go sales teams. The Pepperi solution accelerates order taking and increases average order size. It provides you with retail-store inventory levels so you can make smarter production and sales decisions. It opens your business 24×7, so that your B2B customers can order directly from your website…and it delivers a memorable buying experience regardless of your sales channel.

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Children's Accessories & Toys

Play to win with Pepperi for Babies, Kids & Toys

Pepperi is a game-changer for brands and wholesalers of toys and accessories that are looking to increase sales. With Pepperi, your sales reps use a mobile app to showcase your product catalog and take more and bigger orders on the go: at your customers’ offices, retail stores, and tradeshows. Your B2B customers can order directly from your web storefront, anytime, anywhere.

Pepperi simplifies ordering and selling with capabilities built specifically for the babies, kids & toys industry. These include product searching and filtering by a host of attributes such as age, gender, theme, category and sub-category. Barcode scanning, promotions, mix & match, and sets make sales reps more productive and professional.

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Industrial Parts & Chemicals

Streamline your Sales Efforts with Pepperi

Industrial e-commerce is growing at lightning speed, particularly in the MRO market. Tried and tested, Pepperi is the enterprise-grade business tool that brings cloud technology to industrial suppliers’ sales teams for unprecedented flexibility and customizability. Collaboration with channel partners, customers and sales teams has never been easier with Pepperi’s intelligent sales activity planning and follow-up, mobile data capture, and highly customizable forms for unique data capture. With Pepperi, you can anticipate your customers’ needs before your competition does.

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Home & Gifts

Hit a home run with Pepperi for Home & Gifts

From home décor and patio accessories to tools and arts & crafts – Pepperi is optimized with workflows and business logic to accelerate sales of wholesalers in the home and giftware sector.

Provide your field sales agents with mobile sales apps to facilitate catalog order taking, while increasing average deal size and promoting your brand image.
Provide your B2B retail customers with access to your online storefront so that they can place order directly from your website or mobile app, wherever they may be.

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Beauty & Healthcare

Invigorate your sales with Pepperi for Beauty & Healthcare

If you are a manufacturer or wholesalers of cosmetics or healthcare products, Pepperi is the solution that can increase your sales by as much as 20% while cutting order processing costs by 30% or more.

Selling medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics or dental supplies requires your sales reps to access and present product catalogs and related information while engaging with clients on the go. At the same time, your B2B customers need an easy way to enter orders in a self-service mode via an online storefront. E-commerce capabilities such as smart search and filtering, flexible price management, and sales KPIs will better service your customers and your bottom line.

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Food & Beverage

Spice up your sales with Pepperi for Food & Beverage

Pepperi provides an all-in-one mobile sales and merchandising solution for food and beverage companies. Maximize your van sales and streamline your direct store deliveries with Pepperi’s flexible route accounting system. Sales reps can quickly and easily take orders, issue invoices & collect payments all on site, at the store.

Intuitive tools, provide your route staff and merchandisers with all the essential information they need to quickly replenish goods, optimize shelf space, & ensure retailers never run low on best-selling products. Empower them to drive sales as they access sales order history and are able to identify best-sellers.

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Field Service Edition

Maintain a real-time view of your customer’s activities across all your operations when field service operations are fully integrated with the back office.

Streamline dispatching, reduce response times, and minimize costs with the Acumatica Field Service Edition suite that works with CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting. With a 360-degree view of customer activities, improve the overall customer experience and elevate customer satisfaction to earn higher recurring revenues and gain a competitive advantage. All the applications are web-based and fully mobile which is ideal for your field workforce. Unlike other field services applications the user interface provides a seamless transition between applications because the Acumatica Field Services Management is part of Acumatica ERP, not a bolt on application.

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Outdoor & sporting goods

Make a winning game plan with Pepperi for Outdoor & Sporting Goods

Leading brands and wholesalers of outdoors and sporting goods will attest – Pepperi is an essential business tool for increasing sales. Presenting your products and taking bigger orders is easy and quick as your sales reps use a mobile app to showcase your products and take orders at customer stores and trade shows. Your B2B customers order directly from your website using an electronic storefront.

Pepperi is loaded with many features specifically built for outdoor and sports sales. Pre-order prior to production, set up multiple e-catalogs per season or per customer, zoom into fabrics and stitches, order by any attribute you choose: style, size, fabric, color…you can do lots more.

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