Incoterms Handling

The Stock Take solution accelerator for Maximo allows the inventory team to create stock take documents with the Maximo Inventory application allowing for better control of the stock take process. The stock take accelerator can include any number of inventory balance lines and can go through different inventory counts, significantly enhancing Maximo’ s out-of-the-box functionality.

At approval stage, all the data on counts, count dates, counting persons, and discrepancies are available to the approver. Once the document is approved, a reconcile balance is done against all lines. The transactions posted are also visible through the “View Inventory Transactions” dialogue in the Maximo Inventory application while the history of the stock is still retained within the system.


"Computime were selected to implement a Group Financial and Management Accounting System based on Infor SunSystems. Originally designed to run 75 users, the system will eventually host an excess of 100 users and support all GO companies across a Citrix-enabled WAN. As an extension to the core Financial Management project, Computime were entrusted with the implementation of a procurement management solution – addressed by iRIX. The system is being used by tens of users within GO and handling thousands of purchasing transactions per month."

Chris Vella - Systems Support Specialist - GO plc