The Manifest solution accelerator for Maximo assists organisations in recording and administering all the manifests between their sites on-shor e and of f-shore, tracking all the items and materials which are being transferred. The accelerator is designed to be fully integrated with Maximo and to re-use the details which are already present in the system.

Inventory items and rental equipment received on-shore need to be transferred off-shore. The Manifest solution accelerator is capable of creating a new document. This provides an easy way to pick up the receipt details, including all safety information such as the MSDS number, and issue the manifest document for the transfer off-shore.


Client Testimonials

"Computime were selected to implement a Group Financial and Management Accounting System based on Infor SunSystems. Originally designed to run 75 users, the system will eventually host an excess of 100 users and support all GO companies across a Citrix-enabled WAN. As an extension to the core Financial Management project, Computime were entrusted with the implementation of a procurement management solution – addressed by iRIX. The system is being used by tens of users within GO and handling thousands of purchasing transactions per month."

Chris Vella - Systems Support Specialist - GO plc

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