Managing assets in the modern era

Across almost every asset-intensive industry, from oil and gas, to sustainable energy, to manufacturing, to transportation, organisations are challenged with how to get the most value from assets across their entire lifecycle. If handled correctly, it can be the key to continued operations in times of reduced budgets. It can help extend the useful life of equipment, improve return on investment and defer new purchases.

There are many reasons for the increasing demand for better asset management. When organisations raise the importance, risk, quantity, and/or cost of their corporate critical or capital assets, they often see a corresponding rise in interest by management to better maintain control and visibility of all these assets. What’s more, in this new era of mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies, there are more opportunities than ever to collect, consolidate, and analyse information about assets to help fine-tune performance.

IBM Maximo Asset Management provides the essential capabilities for better managing your physical infrastructure assets. You can leverage Maximo to make better decisions around all aspects of asset management, and get the insights you need to deliver ongoing value for your organisation.

Business Benefits

Enhance your Maximo implementation with the Computime Solution Accelerators

Custom developed, fully integrated applications which extend out-of-the-box Maximo functionality.

Authorisation for expenditure

The Authorisation for Expenditure Solution Accelerator for Maximo enables the creation and administration of AFEs through Maximo.

The Authorisation for Expenditure Solution Accelerator for Maximo enables the creation and administration of AFEs through Maximo.

The AFE Register includes details such as values, description, justification, forecast dates, value splits, partners, owners and approvers.

The solution allows AFEs to go through multiple statuses for the management of initial approval, supplements and closure. The approval can be automated through workflow processes, ensuring that internal delegation of authority rules are adhered to.

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Data Cleansing Services

Data standardisation issues can cost companies significant time and money, preventing them from making critical business decisions.

Computime have teamed up with IMA, an international inventory data cleansing company to bring the advantages of their cleansing systems to IBM Maximo. The offering comes integrated directly with IBM Maximo and the numerous inventory related add-ons created by Computime such as Inventory Optimsation.

The data cleansing services offered by IMA help organisations faced with challenges of reducing costs, while improving the efficiency of their assets by helping them take control of MRO spare parts by standardising data entry.

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Detailed inventory fabrications

View the full history and visibility of the fabrication process in one document.

The Inventory Fabrications solution accelerator for Maximo lets your inventory management team quickly record fabrications of items happening within either your workshops or within third party vendor workshops.

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Incoterms handling of processes

The Incoterms Handling solution accelerator makes the entire logistics process easy.

The Incoterms Handling solution accelerator for Maximo assists organisations who import their inventory and need to pay their vendors before the items actually arrive to their storerooms. This is in accordance with incoterms procedures such as C&F, FOB, Ex Works, etc. The solution accelerator, which is fully integrated with Maximo, allows for an automated dual receiving process, permitting the full tracking of the inventory or material items through the receiving process.

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Allows all inventory adjustments to be status enabled and to include approval workflows to allow approvals.

Powerful And Stable Framework.

The Inventory Adjustments Plus solution accelerator for Maximo provides better control of inventory adjustments. The Maximo out-of-the-box adjustments are incorporated into the Inventory application and provide little visibility and control over the different functions within your organisation.

While the inventory team needs to be able to easily process any transactions, the finance team wants to ensure that certain transactions such as cost adjustments are approved. Likewise management require the visibility of all the transactions which are being processed.

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Inventory optimisation for stock

Use statistical data of inventory items and analyse the usage of the individual items to suggest an optimal re-ordering.

The Inventory Optimisation for Stock solution accelerator for Maximo allows the optimisation of inventory stock levels directly in Maximo. The application has been designed using industry standards to setup reorder points for items in your inventory, ensuring the correct levels of inventory is always present in the warehouse. This assures that enough stock exists for the continuous running of your organisation’s assets and that too much cash is not tied up in inventory .

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Landed costs for inventories

The Landed Costs Solution Accelerator for Maximo is designed to solve these issues.

The cost of inventory being held within the storerooms operated by your organisation are made up of the cost paid for the items themselves together with the cost of the services such as freight, insurances, and duties which are needed to bring these items to the storerooms. A typical example is when an item is bought and shipping and insurance are on different Purchase Orders. The shipping and insurance cost still need to be attributed to the item.

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Transfer inventory items and rental equipment offshore.

The Manifest solution accelerator for Maximo assists organisations in recording and administering all the manifests between their sites on-shore and off-shore, tracking all the items and materials which ar e being transferred. The accelerator is designed to be fully integrated with Maximo and to re-use the details which are already pr esent in the system.

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Stock take

At approval stage, all the data on counts, count dates, counting persons, and discrepancies are available to the approver.

The Stock Take solution accelerator for Maximo allows the inventory team to create stock take documents with the Maximo Inventory application allowing for better control of the stock take process. The stock take accelerator can include any number of inventory balance lines and can go through different inventory counts, significantly enhancing Maximo’ s out-of-the-box functionality .

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