Capitalise on smarter business decisions with Infor SunSystems

The right financial management application can help make more informed decisions by obtaining a holistic picture on how the business is running.

All businesses aspire to take the best decisions possible to increase its profits and improve its overall performance. While it is true that certain business software solutions may entail a considerable amount of time and investment, this is not always the case.

Deploying an efficient financial management application is one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving this – and Infor SunSystems is an ideal choice as it combines technological innovation and usability which delivers a high degree of functionality.

Streamline your business with Infor SunSystems’ add-ons

The strength of Infor SunSystems lies in the many features which enable a business to have a more holistic and streamlined approach to their daily operations. This is even more evident when using the various SunSystems’ add-ons. These add-ons allow companies to take a proactive approach towards achieving smarter decisions.

For example, the credit management add-on automates all the various processes that are involved in sound credit management. Another useful add-on is document distribution, which is typically used to improve document flow and security – saving precious time and costs on communication between various internal departments.

Likewise, the reports and utilities add-on is a set of tools that dramatically improve the process involved in exchange rates and VAT returns. This feature also includes the aged analysis report, which calculates the number of days of unallocated invoices and/or credit notes. Lastly, there is the SEPA payments add-on, which is designed to reduce manual workloads that are related to automated bank payments to beneficiaries.

Improve your overall business performance

Infor SunSystems is not just another business application, but it should be considered as the nucleus of the operation. Any company that employs Infor SunSystems can take control of their business with a unified ledger which gives fast and easy access to smart transactions. This not only produces data that is vital to taking better business decisions, but also specific information that is framed in the context that the company defines.

In addition, users can streamline reporting and planning cycles in a single and fully integrated environment. This has the added benefit of allowing a business to better understand how it is performing overall – by tapping into immediate reports and analyses. As such, the result will be more empowered decision makers that have the full operational and financial company overview.

Managing a business is by no means an easy feat, especially when it comes to taking certain decisions that can have long lasting impacts on the operation’s viability. Using a financial management application such as Infor SunSystems can enable any company to make more informed decisions and to obtain a more holistic picture on how the business is performing.