Why your business needs a flexible ERP licencing model

As businesses continue to embrace a multi-cloud world and set themselves up for growth and success, it’s critical that they don’t end up in a siloed software licencing situation which limits their expansion. Currently, most software licencing models are user-based (except Acumatica Cloud ERP!). You licence a specific user for the right to use a specific product, in a particular company, and sometimes even for a particular device. This is very expensive for businesses, as well as extremely difficult to manage.

In a multi-cloud world, customers, partners, and employees access data and information from many different devices – often accessing the data residing in one application through another different cloud application. The whole point of being in a multi-cloud world is this seamless interoperability. Given the multiple groups of people and access points, the old-world order of user-based licencing fails completely.

Paying a new fee for each different user and device simply doesn’t work any longer and impacts both scalability and budget. Despite this obvious fact, most “modern” cloud-based companies are still clinging to the outdated notion of user-based licencing. Why? Because it’s highly profitable. They can charge a business by each new user, slapping them with yet another per-user fee to licence their software.

Having a state-of-the-art ERP means partnering up with a supplier that can tailor and scale its offering to meet your operational needs – today and in the future. Acumatica’s flexible pricing means you’ll only pay for the computing resources you need, rather than the number of users who access the system. When it comes to calculating costs, you’ll need to factor in which modules your business requires, what kind of licence you’ll deploy (SaaS or Private Cloud subscriptions), and roughly how much computing power you’ll need to run the ERP solution efficiently.

While user based licencing pricing could financially and operationally stunt your business growth, paying for the resources you actually need will enable you to extend the ERP across your entire organisation. This helps your employees work more efficiently and make better business decisions that can save you money both short and long-term.

Acumatica’s inclusive licencing is the only way to go in a modern multi-cloud world. Its pricing model makes your ERP platform scalable and affordable, allowing unlimited access across your entire business and customer ecosystem. Contact us today to learn how Acumatica can transform your business and provide an instant ROI.