The Future of the Construction Industry

Thanks to technological advances, modern construction sites and workers are now respectively safer and more efficient. Collaboration has improved, productivity has increased and tackling complex projects is much easier. The generational shift within the industry has made leaders in the sector realise that without integrated, innovative and automated technology, next-level success will be much harder to achieve. Here are 4 ways how software like Acumatica Cloud ERP is playing a key role in the future of the construction industry.


1. Staying ahead of the competition

Features such as mobility through a construction-specific app, 24/7 access to business-critical applications from any location and reduced costs by accessing software online have transformed businesses in construction. Unlike legacy construction accounting software, modern cloud solutions like Acumatica Cloud ERP can easily integrate with other applications, making it easier to get the right insights, reports and data that are needed, while offering a “single source of truth.”


2. Technology brings the team together

Thanks to the seamless communication that modern ERP solutions offer in real time, members of both the back-office team and workers in the field can exchange data swiftly, thus allowing both parties to weigh in equally when it comes to key decision-making. This makes for a collaborative and holistic approach that allows teams to deliver successful projects, through software that facilitates document control, project management, daily site operations, employee utilisation and budgets.


3. One end-to-end solution

Cloud-based ERP software now not only provides a specific set of capabilities, but also allows third party applications to easily connect and interact, resulting in an end-to-end solution and preventing companies from having to constrain their back-end or field capabilities by choosing a product that tries to do everything. Acumatica’s set of open APIs provide an integration that fits together in a matter of weeks, allowing for a smooth, real-time access to data and eliminating processing delays for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors).


4. Provides the right software for the younger workforce

In order to cater to the expectations of their millennial employees, businesses are having to ensure that their chosen cloud ERP software is innovative and generational, with features such as drag-and-drop attachments as well as mobile applications. Acumatica Construction Edition meets these needs through the use of generational technologies and rapid innovation, working with modern and mainstream ISVs to solve real business problems.


Solve tomorrow’s problems today with Acumatica Construction Edition!

From tightening your project control to increasing your margins, Acumatica Cloud ERP is the modern solution for every ambitious construction company. For more information, contact Computime Software today, and don’t forget to follow us on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter!