Simplify cash flow with Acumatica’s powerful forecasting features

In the accounting world, cash flow refers to the movement of money as it is transferred into and out of a business, or the difference in amount of cash available at the beginning of a period and the amount at the end of that period. In order to manage a healthy business, a positive level of cash flow must be maintained.


Acumatica Cloud ERP is already a strong platform, offering numerous modules that use real-time information from sales, finance, projects, and other operational specific processes to enable efficient business operations anytime, anywhere. With companies needing to forecast cash flow to avoid a liquidity crisis, Acumatica’s cash management functionality enables you to manage all business operations that involve cash, allowing your finance department to maintain your cash accounts from one location, and easily forecast cash flow.

Measure, manage, and forecast cash flow

Acumatica simplifies the process of managing payables by making it easier to investigate where costs are coming from and how to control them. Ideally, you are paid immediately after every sale, but that’s not quite how most businesses work. Acumatica clears up confusion that a backlog in payments can cause by allowing you to track money owed.

Through its cash flow forecasting and fully integrated applications, Acumatica predicts when you’ll have more cash going out than coming in to help better prepare your business, and it can also alert your business to trouble before it happens.

If you’re looking to optimise the financial management aspect of your business and to simplify project accounting, Acumatica Cloud ERP is a reliable cash flow forecasting solution for you. With its comprehensive reporting functionality and intuitive user interface, you’ll not only free up your time, but also have more confidence in the accuracy of your cash flow forecasts.

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