Field Sales Software: 5 sales mistakes it can easily prevent

As your company grows and develops, it’s important to ensure that your organisational strategies are updated so that your business can continue expanding at a steady rate. Nowadays, many successful distribution companies have incorporated a field sales software solution into their strategy to help boost productivity, increase sales, and drive-up revenue. Our team at Computime Software share 5 ways how a quality field sales solution can maximise truck sales and streamline direct store delivery.


1. Lack of customer data

Successful sales management is about keeping track of each order and managing the surrounding customer data. For a field sales rep, this is vital information that can make or break a deal, as they need information immediately, wherever they are. Having to call the back-office and wait to find out the answers to these questions is no longer acceptable. Plus, any effective field sales solution must have offline capability to avoid any delays or restrictions in doing business if Wi-Fi isn’t available or poor quality.


2. Using sales tools in silo

Companies today use different channels when working with their customers. In most cases, these channels are managed by different groups within the organisation such as field teams, marketing, and sales. The issue arises when each group uses separate business tools in silo to manage these channels. Every change the organisation makes, such as introducing a new sales campaign or adding a new product, must be managed separately for each channel, by each department, and in each solution individually. When you add field sales software to your suite of business tools, consider instead one platform for all your sales solutions, so you can manage all channels at once, from a single management console.


3. Leaving your sales team unmonitored

When your staff are office-based, it’s simple for management to take a quick stroll through the office to check productivity, but with a team out in the field, it’s not so easy. This is why it’s important to maintain constant communication with field reps so they feel accountable and know they can pass on their feedback to you. It’s equally important for you to be aware of your teams’ performance if they aren’t around. With field sales software, you can ensure accurate reporting of all your employees’ productivity with geo-stamping and time-stamping providing full control and visibility of your staff activities.


4. Data entry errors

Data entry is one of the most critical day-to-day operations for distributors and one single error can have huge ramifications for your company. When customers and sales reps enter their own orders, it removes several steps where mistakes in data entry could be made. Field sales software provides a centralised, automated way to enter and store information which helps everyone do their job more effectively and efficiently. Likewise, changes can be automatically updated where they are needed, and information is easily located with searching capability.


5. Not personalising B2B sales

Setting up quick and efficient promotions and campaigns which are relevant to individual customers can maximise revenue and improve your relationships with present and future clients. Field sales software allows you to assign different discounts to different customers, depending on their profile. Moreover, you can further segment products such as price or stock levels and valid-through dates by using powerful business filters.

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