ERP business intelligence puts reporting and data analysis at your fingertips

Growing revenue and making the right strategic decisions are all common goals which business leaders need to achieve. ERP systems are designed to manage business processes, identify problems, and help you execute those operational improvements which matter the most.

In order to increase productivity and make your decision making easier, Acumatica Cloud ERP offers a collection of useful reporting and data analysis tools. Here are just a few:

Standard and custom reports

Modify and create any report for a number of roles or purposes with Acumatica Cloud ERP. Over 250 standard reports can be found within each module, including Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Depreciation.

Generic inquiries for reporting and analytics

Extract any data you need for external applications, dashboards, and reports with Acumatica’s use of generic inquiries – a new way of accessing information. Since these inquiries require no coding, they can be used by anyone to carry out a variety of different tasks, including exporting data to Excel and displaying results in dashboards or reports. There is also the possibility to reuse or modify any of these inquiries.

Business intelligence and analytics

Third-party BI applications can be used to gather information from Acumatica Cloud ERP – an example of one such tool being Microsoft’s Power BI. Combine information from external sources (such as Excel and Salesforce) with Acumatica to make decisions for tactical and strategic purposes. Over 100 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) support Acumatica, with products that are developed to enhance the ERP’s functions and which also seamlessly integrate with Acumatica’s software.

How can a toolkit for dashboards, data analysis, and reporting help your business?

One database to rule them all

Acumatica Cloud ERP offers a single version of the truth by using the same database for CRM, Distribution, Manufacturing, Finances, Project Accounting, and more. Consequently, every team member from any department across the entire enterprise receives and views the same data, in real-time.

Ensure data security through role-based features

Avoid relying on printed copies by using online reporting, thus preventing important information leaving the premises. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, all data can be managed from a single location inside the software itself.

Customise dashboards

Display necessary information by individal, department or role by customising your own dashboards with Acumatica Cloud ERP. Not only can you view your KPIs with a single glance, but you can also drill down for more details through the use of widgets.

Cut expenses and optimise your profit with Acumatica Cloud ERP, which will help you sharpen your decision making by analysing essential data and providing real-time information. Feel free to have a look at our previous blogs about how Acumatica can optimise your field service management and how it can offer a solution for your distrubition management needs. For more information, contact our team at Computime Software.

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