Acumatica Ahead of The Pack in New G2 Crowd Report for User Satisfaction

Particularly in the technology world, user satisfaction hugely impacts a buyer’s decision to purchase a product, thus increasing the profitability of a company. One of the best ways to know if the software you’re planning to buy is the right one for your organisation is by reading peer reviews. As the leading business software review platform, G2 Crowd leverages the power of thousands (400,000 to be exact) of verified user reviews to compare software options to help you make these decisions. And G2 Crowd’s newest report comparing accounting products places Acumatica Cloud ERP ahead of the pack!


What’s Acumatica?

Well-regarded for its flexibility, Acumatica is a complete Cloud ERP solution for all business management needs. Since implementing this platform, many businesses have benefited from the software solution’s numerous reporting capabilities, and functionality for financial management, CRM, distribution management, among others.

Users rate Acumatica Cloud ERP 4.2 out of 5 stars

G2 Crowd’s report is a singular source of unbiased, factually-based information, helping technology buyers, investors, and analysts to confidently compare their software options before making their selection. The G2 Crowd Comparison Report compares user satisfaction on accounting product software and pits Acumatica against three established competitors.

From the 26 categories on which users rated the similar ERP products in the market, Acumatica won 16; a testament to the quality of the product and services and support provided to Acumatica customers. What makes Acumatica stand out from the rest is that this fully customisable platform was built using modern, cloud-base technology and allows you to focus on growing your business, rather than on the technology that runs it. Part of Acumatica’s strength comes from its platform’s flexibility and ability to address the needs of almost any customer from one system.

Looking for the best Cloud ERP Malta has to offer?

Acumatica’s usability, as well as its quick and easy implementation, puts this software solution at the center of any modern business’ digital transformation. Contact us at Computime Software – distributors of Acumatica Cloud ERP – to find out if Acumatica’s complete, streamlined, and adaptable solution is right for your business.

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