Acumatica ERP Custom Dashboards Accelerate Business Growth

For a business that wants accelerated growth, the Acumatica ERP custom dashboards can be the difference between acting quickly for success or having dashed hopes.

When a racing driver hurtles down the track at 225 km/hr, all his concentration is focused on the strip of tarmac ahead and the tail end of another car sliding left and right. The flickering lights on the dashboard barely register in the driver’s peripheral vision, yet the information on the digital display is enough to help the driver make all the last second changes needed to avoid flying off the track – and to ultimately overtake their rival.

The power of an Acumatica ERP custom dashboard that feeds you the information you need – right when you want it – must never be underestimated. For a business leader who is intent on accelerating company growth, getting all the key metrics on a dashboard they can access at their desk or on the go can be the difference between acting quickly for success or having dashed hopes.

Like mission control for your business

Acumatica ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) dashboards offer managers a focal reference point where they can quickly digest key information about their company’s health.

Dashboards typically present high-level data in the form of tables, pie charts and other graphics, but you can easily drill down to successively more granular levels of detail. Just like a car dashboard, performance dashboards come with a choice of options that can be switched on or off as needed, including help screens, announcements, key performance indicators (KPIs), and Wiki articles.

But ERP reporting dashboards offer much more than summarised views of important information. Users can customise their main dashboard so that it only displays the data that is most relevant to their role. Acumatica’s dashboards let you see customised views of real-time results from across your organisation, and thanks to cloud and mobile technology you can access them from any device.

Break out of the box with customisable perspectives

With company data always visible at your fingertips, you can finally regain control of your business’s course. At this point, many people start wondering whether all this data could lead to an info overload, but that’s exactly where customisation excels in helping you be more productive, without wasting time and effort.

By customising dashboards, you avoid having to search through meaningless information. When you log into Acumatica ERP, you’ll find personalised dashboards that are dynamically generated to show an up-to-the-minute overview of the KPIs vital to your work, thus helping you in your daily decision-making.

Here’s a demonstration of how to customise dashboards on Acumatica using pre-configured widgets.

Play to your company’s strengths to gain competitive edge

Another benefit of custom dashboards is that they highlight points of strength, while also isolating areas for growth. Tailoring your ERP software to fit your exact needs enables you to turn data into meaningful information that makes it possible to manage operations more effectively and grow at a quicker pace.

A personalised, real-time dashboard lets you accelerate business performance with automated processes, accurate data collection and analysis, and forecasting capabilities that drive better business decisions.

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Empower your people to take the right decisions

A dashboard has effects that can extend well beyond the borders of your screen. With Acumatica, for example, individual team members can set up and share access to dashboards that reflect the priorities of their area of expertise.

Creating visual interfaces tied to different roles and responsibilities can significantly enhance collaboration across departments while working on the same project, as well as aiding creativity by offering alternative viewpoints of a common problem.

What’s on our customers’ Acumatica dashboard?

There’s a reason why most business applications open on a dashboard when you log in. Automated dashboards do an undeniably good job of surfacing crucial information and trends, and bringing new insights that much closer to your awareness.

As Acumatica users have discovered, this main benefit is complemented by others, such as the ability to:

    • Use pre-defined dashboards or create custom templates
    • Generate stunning visuals from real-time data
    • Interact with interface components and drill down into specific details

Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications such as Financial, Distribution, CRM management and Project Accounting, powered by a robust and flexible platform. All Acumatica application suites are web-based, fully-integrated, and work on a centralised database. They are available on the cloud or on-premises and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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