3 Reasons to Choose Computime Software for Your Business Needs

At Computime Software, we are experts at handling business software projects that necessitate a high level of commitment, both from the customer and supplier. Having a positive track record of over 35 years in successful business software implementations and software development projects, our company’s ethos revolves around transparency and quality.

We are completely crystal clear with our clients, from day one to project completion, confirming they understand the amount of time, effort, and cost required to implement an effective software project. So why entrust Computime Software with your company’s business solutions?

#1 Cutting edge technology

We utilise innovative technologies from top suppliers to guarantee maximum use of the various cloud services, browsers, and devices available to everyone in this day and age.

Simultaneously, we provide choices: if a customer prefers to run their solution from a more traditional on-site server as opposed to a cloud-based solution, then this can also be accomplished.

Offering top-of-the-range software solutions such as Acumatica Cloud ERP and AXON Gaming, our products are specifically designed to offer a multitude of different features, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial management and project accounting
  • Distribution management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Field service management
  • Customer management
  • Mobile commerce platform and merchandising
  • Mobile order taking and order management
  • Fraud detection
  • AML compliance and transaction monitoring
  • Marketing automation and optimisation

We strongly believe that most projects should deliver value in stages, and expecting a project to meet all objectives in one single ‘big bang’ is often a recipe for disaster, because this method burdens both our customer and implementation team. Thus, we primarily recommend concentrating on delivering a few incremental, yet gaugeable objectives, whilst ensuring our customer that these are met, and eventually moving onto subsequent phases, at the customer’s pace.

#2 Multidisciplinary team

Having an experienced and multi-disciplined team of experts is quintessential. Our business and technical experts are there to validate that the solution is built using technology that’s fit for purpose, fully-functional, integrates into the customer’s environment, and above all, offers an easily-accessible software solution to the non-technical users. Our team of consultants ensure this is achieved by interfacing with the customer’s business users to meet their objectives. Moreover, our project managers oversee the entire process, liaising with our account manager and the customer to keep the project on target.

#3 Customer engagement

With the hustle and bustle our daily work routine brings, we understand that customers are usually caught up with their everyday tasks and meetings, so planning a project in bite-sized phases is very often a sought-after approach. At inception stage, the customer engagement process begins with an initial requirements gathering meeting, building gradually – one layer at a time.

We have an ongoing objective of delivering the maximum benefit at the minimum risk and cost to the customer. While borrowing from standard methodologies such as PRINCE II and Agile, we try our best to ensure that our primary approach is pragmatic, rather than technical or prescribed, and most importantly, fit for purpose. So, it’s really no wonder that Computime Software enjoys an unswervingly high customer satisfaction rating.

Indeed, 96% of our clients commented that we exceed their expectations, while 99% would recommend us to their peers.

If you’re interested in investing in quality software solutions for your company, contact Computime Software today and we’ll be more than happy to help take your business to the next level.

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