Computime Reorganisation Aimed at Driving Growth

Computime, one of Malta’s leading and longest established IT companies, has undergone a corporate reorganisation aimed at driving growth and consolidating governance.

Two distinct business divisions, Computime Technology and Computime Software, have been set up as part of the Computime Group. The former focuses on IT security and the latest infrastructure and hybrid managed cloud services, while the latter specialises in development and implementation of standard and tailored business software and unique integration solutions. Both operate in Malta and increasingly in overseas markets. The company has also appointed Tony Mahoney, an ex-banker with HSBC, as its non-executive chairman.

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The Group delivers a wide range of specialist ICT services within the oil and gas, banking and financial services, telecoms, gaming, service provision and hospitality industries.

Computime’s outgoing chairman, Mario Mizzi, who remains a non-executive director, said the reorganisation was part of a strategic vision to take the group forward. Mr Mizzi told The Sunday Times of Malta: “The two distinct business units will each have a CEO who can develop their companies freely and concentrate on achieving growth, expansion and good governance.” He said Mr Mahoney “has extensive experience in managing and directing organisations of different sizes and operating in a variety of businesses, but especially those with a strong services focus.” He added: “We believe that his contribution to the board will help Computime immeasurably in achieving our growth aims.”

Mr Mahoney has 30 years’ experience as a banker, 27 of which were with HSBC, including three years in Malta from 1997 to 2000 with Midland Bank which was owned by HSBC. He is no stranger to Malta. “I feel at home in Malta and so does my family,” he said, adding that he worked in Malta when the news broke that Midland was to acquire Mid-Med Bank in 1999. “That was quite a story,” he said.

Mr Mahoney believes he has the necessary credentials for his new appointment. “I was business systems manager for HSBC in the UK where one of my main responsibilities was to get IT into the business,” he said. The former HSBC banker also spent three years in Oman with Bank Dhofar, which he helped transform from a small bank into a national bank and which today is one of the fastest growing banks in the country.

He is very impressed by the company he now chairs and says there is an extremely high level of camaraderie among the employees. “The atmosphere here is incredible and the staff are extremely qualified and dedicated. There are 90 employees and the company has grown organically over the years. I am raring to go to take Computime to the next level and to help unleash the potential of our two companies, especially in overseas markets where I feel I can contribute considerably.”

Indeed 50 per cent of Computime’s business turnover, mainly software, comes from overseas markets such as the UK, North Africa, Vietnam, the Americas and the Middle East, the latter two via a network of regional partners. Mr Mizzi explains that the company has been in the Libyan market since 1998, mainly servicing the oil and gas industry. “We did a lot of business in Libya, which has now declined somewhat because of the situation there. However, we are confident that once the country gets back on its feet there will be plenty of opportunities for expansion.” He says that the UK is by far the largest of Computime’s overseas markets and that the company’s operations in Vietnam, a country which has “huge business potential” came about “through business contacts”. New markets include countries such as Algeria, where company executives will visit next month.

Both Mr Mahoney and Mr Mizzi say the biggest challenge facing Computime and indeed all IT companies is the shortage of IT graduates on the market. “There are simply not enough people with IT skills and incentives need to be introduced to encourage more students to pursue such a career. “There also needs to be more of an emphasis on science subjects in Malta’s education system. We do invest heavily in the training of staff. However, like other companies, we are suffering from a growing attrition rate. Somehow we also manage to attract new staff and grow our headcount in spite of competition from the iGaming sector in particular,” Mr Mizzi said.

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