5 types of software developers you’ll meet

Whether they’re wracking their brains to improve player profiling or player segmentation, software developers enjoy a reputation for being eccentric and peculiar people.

In fact, even within the development community, there are certain programmer archetypes that other programmers find strange! How about that?! Our team at Computime Software wanted to list 5 types of software developers you’re bound to come across.

#1 Gandalf

With the appearance of someone who looks like a short-list candidate to play Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, he (or even she!) has a beard halfway to his knees, a goofy looking hat, and may wear a cape or a cloak in the winter. Luckily for the team, this person is just as skillful at working magic just like Gandalf.

Unluckily for the team, though they will need to suffer lengthy hours of stories from Gandalf about how he or she to walk uphill both ways in the snow to drop off the punch cards at the computer room. While Gandalf type is a tough nut to crack, this persona is definitely adept at their work.

#2 The Martyr

Essentially this persona is “workaholic”. But in the software development realm, The Martyr goes beyond that and into another dimension. Workaholics at least go home to shower and sleep! The Martyr takes pride in sleeping at the desk amidst empty pizza boxes. The thing is, no one ever asked The Martyr to work like this, it simply boils down to personal choice.

#3 The Ninja

The Ninja is your team’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) – even though no one knows it. Like the mythological slayers, you don’t know that The Ninja is even in the building or even working – you discover the evidence in the morning.

You fire up the source control system and see that at 4am, The Ninja checked in code that addresses the problem you planned to spend all week working on, and you didn’t even know that The Ninja was aware of the project! Ninjas are so surreptitious, you might not even know their name, but you know that every project they’re on, seems to go much more slickly.

#4 The Theoretician

This one knows everything there is to know about software development, and then some. The Theoretician spends four hours lecturing about the history of an obscure programming language or proving how the code you wrote is less than seamlessly optimum and may take an extra three nanoseconds to run.

When The Theoretician writes code, it’s so intricate that mere mortals cannot make sense of it. But beware: The Theoretician is also easily distracted. A simple task that should take an hour takes Theoreticians eons, since they decide that the existing tools aren’t sufficient and they must build new tools to build new libraries to build a whole new system that meets their high standards. But once they get the ball rolling and they can get him or her to play within the boundaries of the project itself, The Theoretician can be turned into one of your best players.

#5 The Code Cowboy

Ah, The Code Cowboy. This one’s really just a loud, boisterous version of The Ninja. While The Ninja executes with surgical precision, The Code Cowboy is a raging bull and will gore anything that gets in the way.

The Code Cowboy is a force to be reckoned with and cannot be stopped. He or she can do work two or three times faster than anyone else. But! At least half of that speed comes by cutting corners. The Code Cowboy’s code is a spaghetti code mess and feels that checking code into source control takes too long, storing configuration data outside of the code itself takes too long, communicating with anyone else takes too long… you get the idea.

The world of software development is as fascinating as it is mind boggling, we know because we hire the mavens within the developers’ field. If your company needs experts in anything software, contact Computime Software today – we offer a selection of software solutions from AXON Gaming to Acumatica Cloud ERP, we’ll surely have one of the above characters to meet your requirements!

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