AXON Ups Bigbon Group’s Game

AXON connects all stores, outlets, and procurement data in an assimilated and accessible manner for one of Malta’s top clothing retailers.

Franchise operator for Bershka, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho, Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe; Bigbon Group is among Malta’s leading franchise operators in the Maltese fashion retail market.

We at Computime Software are proud to have Bigbon Group as one of our top clients within the retail business. This is why we wanted to find out more about such a success story. After meeting up with Chief Operating Officer Nick Spiteri Paris, we got a better idea about their business journey and why there was a need for an improved, integrated software solution for their outlets.

Representing Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, together with their passion for retail, Bigbon Group reached a major milestone once their tenancy at The Point in Sliema was finalised.

Bigbon Group has come a long way. It started out as a small family business in a shop selling women’s clothing in Birkirkara. Over the years, Bigbon Group’s size may have changed, but one underlying idea has stayed the same – the customer is at the centre of everything they do. Nevertheless, with all its triumphs, owning and managing a leading clothing company in Malta can come with its fair share of challenges. This is where our team at Computime Software were called in.

The issues before AXON

Being part of a large organisation, Bigbon Group rely heavily on their main distributor’s software applications. Stock and store information was distributed in many different systems, which did not provide a holistic view of purchases, stocks and sales.

These factors made it complex for the operations team to manage product and finance team to carry out timely and accurate accounting measures. Monitoring performance was also a challenge, since the system lacked the option to view stock and sales data, and a number of processes such as accounting imports, could not be automated.

Bigbon Group needed to move closer and align with their Principals to a JIT system that was able to streamline the purchasing activity which corresponded to actual demand. There was clearly a need for a type of software solution that provided BI reporting across all points of the distribution chain. In addition to this, automation of certain complex processes with financial reporting was also a requirement. Thus, the implementation of AXON came to inception.

AXON provided a viable solution

Once the necessity of an updated software solution was recognised, AXON was Bigbon Group’s logical choice. AXON was able to connect all their stores, through a software application which provided data in an assimilated and accessible manner.

Once installed for Bigbon, AXON was used to automatically consume data files generated from their Principals (sales, purchasing, stock movements, and item masters) and stores.

Once data is pushed to a central repository, it is condensed and manipulated to generate dashboards and reports in Microsoft PowerBI. It is then made available to the management team and accounting staff. The data is also used to generate exports to be fed into their accounting system; Shireburn.

To stay abreast with the changing environment, retailers like ourselves have to mould a new, dynamic industry unfettered by conventional barriers between the different business fields. AXON is pivotal to all this, bringing all the data to the palm of our hands on-time.

Nick Spiteri Paris
Chief Operations Officer
Bigbon Group

Recently, additional integrations were added through AXON to further provide a holistic application environment, through integrations with RotaCloud and PeopleHR. This augmented the reporting data set with information about employees and their working hours as well as shift allocation. Moreover, it facilitated the implementation of additional reports and dashboards to view:

– Employees allocation across stores
– Employee/store performance

Bigbon Group operation’s team is also working on the automation of shipping reports to be submitted to the National Statistics Office.

Solution diagram

A central warehouse solution for the consolidation of data and reporting as well as integration with the procurement system and Shireburn.

Geared to fix the issues

AXON sits on a powerful integration engine controlling the data transformation processes and the channelling of information to different systems with integral logic control mechanisms which are custom-made for each specific project.

This is a critical aspect, since it is what Bigbon Group needed – a system that could amalgamate all their shops’ data in one unified and accessible database. AXON was able to connect their business systems, whilst providing them with full application integration and real-time data monitoring.

AXON to the rescue

AXON is an integration orchestrator, allowing the design, adaptation and administration of referential and transactional data integration, workflows between multiple applications and systems, whether real-time, scheduled or manually triggered. Using pre-built or customised connectors, AXON is technology-independent, utilising web services, database queries and lower-level communication protocols such as TCP/IP or UDP. This can occur between any application or system, whether on-premises or cloud based.

AXON provides an easy-to-use interface where connectors are registered and managed, and transactions are completely assessed and scrutinised. Furthermore, alerting features allow users and administrators to be notified of exceptions or when human intervention is required. AXON provides instantaneous live monitoring of data streams and can activate alerts and data update actions based on events captured from those data streams.

Technology that empowers Retailers

Following fashion means keeping up with current trends. This also rings true for technology, since it too is ever-changing. Investing in software like AXON can have great benefits when running a successful business like Bigbon Group.

AXON’s innovative software is comprised of features that enhance Bigbon Group’s business, in terms of time management, efficiency and ultimately generating revenue – which after all, is the goal of every business.

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