A holistic data ecosystem empowers faster decisions

Integrating your business applications ensures both transparency and efficiency in your business operations.

Running a smooth operation in today’s world requires a business to be keenly in-tune to the critical systems which keep the business afloat. We are constantly touching data from various applications, and have become very much plugged into and dependent on what this data is telling us. So much so that these operational systems have drastically changed what’s expected of us at the workplace, and the turnover rate of work has increased to a dizzying capacity for a large number of companies.

While this new reality has created a lot of exciting opportunities across the board, it also comes with its unique spate of challenges. One of these, quite simply, is being able to understand and process the intricacies of all of these systems in a way that doesn’t compromise your working routine or, worse still, the very integrity of your business critical data. For this reason, and several others we will outline in more detail below, investing in an application integration solution may just be the best strategic move to grow your bottom line.

Keep human error at bay

One of the biggest risks of being overwhelmed with loads of data coming from different systems is that it exposes your company to human error. In the best case scenario, you might just make a small mistake that you can paper over with a polite, apologetic email. But being forced to juggle and redirect important data all by yourself or your staff – thus potentially overburdening even your most important employees – could lead to more serious mistakes that may leave a lasting impact on your business.

Perhaps, this is the most compelling day-to-day reason for adopting an application integration solution as part of the core technological toolkit within your business. This is where AXON Integration comes into play – it connects your business systems, providing you with full application integration and real-time data monitoring.

Keep a steady flow across all applications

While the technology revolution has ensured that basic data compatibility is a thing of the past, you certainly don’t want to end up with efficiency issues when it comes to transferring data from one application to another, even more so when such a task is just part and parcel of your daily work. If you need to communicate by SMS, email or other means, or if the task requires you to tap into your Customer, Financial or Document Management applications – an integration tool might just be the secret ingredient that you need to streamline data flow and optimise your operations.

Application integration solutions are in fact a perfect example of this. They connect all the necessary systems, data, and processes that are essential to your business, allowing you to take real-time action on your data. AXON provides an easy to use interface where connectors are registered and managed, and where transactions are fully audited and monitored. Alerting features allow users and administrators to be informed of exceptions or when human intervention is required. AXON provides real-time live monitoring of data streams and is able to trigger alerts and data update actions based on events captured from those data streams.

Keeping it flexible, and at a healthy pace

We have already mentioned some of the challenges inherent to connecting your business applications and ensuring the proper data flow amongst these systems. But in this often complex landscape of automating workflows, some benefits also emerge. Among these is the flexibility that comes along with a solution such as AXON Integration.

AXON is an integration orchestrator, allowing the creation, modification and management of referential and transactional data integration workflows between multiple applications and systems, whether real-time, scheduled or manually triggered. Using pre-built or customised connectors, AXON is technology independent, utilising web services, database queries and lower-level communication protocols such as TCP/IP or UDP, between any application or system whether on-premises or cloud based.

As with most tools that facilitate workflow automation, the real winners are your employees. Finally able to pursue more strategic work within the company itself, they can allow the technology to do the heavy lifting for them. AXON ensures that repetitive, frustrating tasks that nonetheless are important and require your full attention in fact get seen to with efficiency and minimum effort from your employees.

Allowing you to focus on what matters

While every business has their own operational processes, the management of data is something they all have to focus on. It is often a cumbersome, time consuming task which needs to be tackled manually, and cannot be avoided. For this reason, making all your data flow in one single system allows you to run a proactive business operation.

In many ways, application integration and workflow automation is a must for any company looking to boost revenue. The obvious benefits of AXON Integration, such as data quality peace of mind and smoother process workflows, are surely business differentiators. But the more long-term benefits are all about a healthier bottom line and a happier workforce, which are the cornerstones of any business of any size, anywhere.