Win with Real Time Interaction Management

Every company has processes that can be automated and optimised, and the interaction between the company and the customer is just one of them. Real Time Interaction Management (RTIM) enables more personalised interactions by collecting information about the consumer through a history of engagements with the brand in question. Computime Software explores how this technology can help your business improve its relationship with its customers, as well as how AXON Gaming can enhance communication in realtime with your players.


Achieve success with one of the top trends in marketing technology

As customer expectations continue to increase, so must technology in an effort to meet them. RTIM has now become a top priority for ambitious enterprises who want to improve customer experiences and deliver contextually relevant marketing across a number of devices.
RTIM allows you to administer the next best action, offer or journey thanks to technology that adapts to changing consumer behaviour. React to opportunities straight away with the use of real time analytics and their ability to pinpoint strong and weaker touchpoints.

Boost customer loyalty

The functional areas of RTIM extend beyond geographic and demographic data to build a more extensive engagement profile for each customer. Other elements include:

  • Creating a unified experience: Allow the customer to continue the same interaction through different devices; bring an interaction back to the same point if they switch from a laptop to a smartphone.
  • Personalised recommendations: Tailored messaging and incentives can increase your chances of success and convince customers to convert.
  • Context: Digital experiences are aligned with the context in which the customers are browsing – whether they’re doing so from a tablet on the bus, or if they arrived at your website via a mobile app or otherwise.

Omnichannel personalisation

One of, if not the most vital element in RTIM, omnichannel personalisation helps to deliver one cohesive brand experience. Whether online or offline, a consistent flow of customer experiences needs to be produced all throughout a campaign by ensuring that all channels work together. To sum up, omnichannel personalisation revolves around the concept of creating a single, seamlessly connected customer experience across multichannel touchpoints.

Axon Gaming offers a realtime, automated communication solution

Reach out to players when they need you most, and deliver an overall improved experience from the moment they sign up for a new account. Use realtime player messaging to congratulate players when they win or console them and wish them better luck upon suffering losses. AXON’s realtime player engagement can help you maximise player retention, optimise player profiling and improve relationships with VIP customers. Recommend new games based on individual playing styles, and take rapid action during technical difficulties by notifying them immediately and offering them alternatives to resolve any issues.

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