Why true Cloud ERP is so critical in today’s connected business

The rapid rise and triumph of cloud computing paved the way for a more closely connected business world than ever before. However, it also made that world a more competitive place, with organisations of any size vying to win the never-ending race for digital dominance.

To not only survive but thrive as a truly connected enterprise, business leaders need to make sure their transformation doesn’t simply cover the technological side of things, but the human aspect too. Part of that means every team working across the company needs to have a central, synchronised point of reference when it comes to accessing data sources, records, and systems on a day-to-day basis. Enter, Acumatica – true cloud ERP.

What are APIs?

An API, or application program interface, refers to a predetermined set of processes, tools, and protocols that define how different parts of your software should work together. There are two types of ERP suppliers you need to consider when choosing an ERP solution – those who offer an open API and those who don’t. Closed suppliers do just that – purposely close their APIs to create buyer lock-in. Open suppliers offer – you guessed it – open interfaces that facilitate smooth, seamless cloud-to-cloud integration.

The benefits of using open APIs

Cloud has become the new norm. No matter what industry you look at, you’ll find that businesses are either cloud natives, fully moved over to the cloud, or in the middle of their first digital transformation project. The majority of CIOs today opt for a multi-cloud approach to suit their unique business needs – so an organisation often uses multiple clouds to run multiple apps from a range of suppliers – all at the same time.

Open APIs are the silver bullet for today’s tech. They’re flexible enough to allow cloud-to-cloud integration that can actually handle the kind of changes a modern business needs to stay connected and ahead of the competition. Combine your open APIs with a little dev team input and you’ll be able to get fast, effective communication and integration across all your applications.

  • Boost efficiency
  • Cleaner, more streamlined data
  • Improved cross-collaboration
  • Better third-party integration

On top of that, the fact that these APIs operate using a universal language means that your organisation can forget about the data silos of the past. That also means your dev team’s workload can be recalibrated to make the most of their time and talent elsewhere, saving your business money in the long run and helping the business move faster in the short term.

Acumatica is the fastest growing Cloud ERP across the globe. It is built on a future-proof platform with open architecture for scalability, ease of use, and rapid integrations. Contact us today and see how Acumatica’s integrated workflows span the full suite of business management applications – from Financials, Project Accounting, and Distribution to CRM.