Which iGaming employee are you?

Free breakfasts, beer Fridays, and bean bags – who wouldn’t want to work for an iGaming company? iGaming companies pride themselves on offering excellent perks and conditions, as well as a great work environment. Yet one of the factors that holds the most weight when it comes to job satisfaction is the people you share your space with. Here are a few iGaming employee archetypes you may identify with and are very likely to find yourself working alongside in the iGaming industry.


1. The Hippie

He walks around in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, socks and bed slippers. Yes, bed slippers. This free spirit couldn’t care less about self-grooming and looking presentable if he tried. Comfort, after all, is key when you’re stuck inside an office for 9 hours.

2. The Immaculate

A stark contrast from the hippie, The Immaculate iGaming employee generally hails from the North and holds a high position within the company. This Swede or Dane comes in the form of a briefcase-holding, loafer-wearing man with slick gelled-back hair. The female version is no shabbier, leaving the house looking like she’s spent hours getting ready. Everyone else at the office either envies or rolls their eyes at her perfectly-waved hair and flawlessly applied make up.

3. The Ghost

There’s always the one who is not there to muck about; he is there to get a job done. He only speaks when he really has to, and if he can get out of joining unnecessary, out-of-office social activities, you can bet he will. The Ghost generally has a techy job in programming or something legal and sombre, such as AML compliance or fraud detection.

4. The Player

This one is there to dive into the international dating pool. While the majority of iGaming companies are owned by Scandinavians, the nationalities of their employees are diverse. The player gets with the Italian content writer on Monday, the Japanese graphic designer on Wednesday and the Hungarian SEO expert at weekends.

5. The High Society

This one orders Moët et Chandon and makes sure everyone on his social media accounts know it with the help of photo evidence. The High Society would rather be caught dead than be seen anywhere outside the VIP area at any event.

Needless to say, this list is by no means exhaustive. In the iGaming world especially, the variety of employees is almost as vast as the users who play their company’s online games!

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