There’s no better time than now for player segmentation

Player segmentation is a valuable way of effectively communicating with your players based on their behavior and preferences.

Player segmentation should be an integral aspect of any iGaming business, but can be quite challenging when you have a vast amount of ever-changing player personas.

iGaming companies are constantly battling each other for a share of the market, so it is imperative that they use every possible tool in their arsenal to up their game. One of these tools is customer segmentation, which enables iGaming brands to divide a pool of players into smaller and more targetable groups based on their overall betting behavior and preferences.

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Not all new players are created equal

It is important for iGaming companies to realize that not all new players bet in the same way, and as such they should each be targeted in a specific manner. This is one of the many ways in which data segmentation can become a useful tool. For example, most iGaming brands will find that they have a blend of one-time players, others who are more frequent players, and others that have a higher betting pattern such as VIPs.

One-time players may not have been satisfied with their customer experience so they did not return to the site, or they simply wanted to utilize a bonus offer and visited the site for this purpose. On the other hand, more frequent players and VIPs are the ones that are more likely to play again, hence bringing in more revenue for the brand. As such, these player segments need to be targeted with specific campaigns that can entice them to come back to the site and play more.

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Understand your active players’ behavior

Much in the same way that new players will be different, the same can be said about the active players that frequent a brand. They too need to be segmented into specific player personas, as everyone has their own personal approach towards placing a bet. This is generally translated in the bet amount, bet type, and bet frequency.

Players who place many bets or large single bets often tend become brand loyalists and hopefully VIPs. This is the ideal point where an iGaming company can cross-sell different games, promote special tournaments, and offer exclusive bonuses. Players that return to bet regularly are heavily engaged with the brand and are willing to go the extra mile to get their desired results.

Making players stay active for longer

iGaming companies are used to the ever-changing faces of their customer base, with new players steadily coming and going. The technical term for this process is called customer churn, where customers or subscribers cease their relationship with a company or brand. Being able to understand how this indicator works within iGaming is critical, as it is generally recognized to be less expensive to invest in retaining existing players rather than attracting new ones.

As such, one needs to consider how quickly the customer churn process is happening. Those players that are lost after a singular bet may be doing so because of a negative customer experience. In fact, these players are the most difficult to re-engage and a considerable amount of effort might be required. On the other hand, those players who leave after some time are more likely to bet with the same brand again since they may have formed a more meaningful relationship.

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Make sure your players follow through with their bets

Two of the most recurrent issues in iGaming is that of registration without depositing, or depositing without playing which basically means that player never follows through with placing a bet. There are various factors that attribute to this, such as poor website design and too many steps in the process. However, by segmenting players and understanding why certain individuals are abandoning their bets, marketers can target them more specifically with a solution.

Player segmentation should be regarded as a vital addition to any iGaming company’s marketing strategy. The iGaming market is very dynamic and highly competitive, so no brand can afford to miss an opportunity and not target their player base in the most efficient and direct way possible.