The Right Responsible Gaming Tool Can Ensure Player Protection

Technology in the gambling sector has rapidly improved and the iGaming industry has specifically enjoyed massive growth, fast becoming one of the most popular pastimes. However, occasional gambling can turn into problem gambling, which has led to an increased demand for industry providers to implement more efficient measures to protect their players against addiction, crime, and other such dangers.

As a top provider of iGaming software solutions, our team at Computime Software explores the technical side of implementing protective measures that help create an environment where consumer protection and compliance are at the forefront.


Deposit Limits

Research shows that problem gambling may occur less if users decide on the amount of money they want to commit to play in advance. Therefore, to encourage players to take responsibility for their actions and deter addiction, more iGaming operators are implementing pre-set deposit and betting limits as an additional protective measure. Offering this choice helps prevent players from exceeding the previously determined amount over the agreed period of time. This pre-commitment is relatively effective in addressing gambling addiction for players who are more susceptible to developing a gambling addiction.

Play Limits

Play limits are the most common protective measure today and can be set by regulators, operators, and even players themselves. The most extreme options are exclusions or black-lists which completely prohibit gameplay for a certain period.

Sending Warning Signs

Informative warning signs have also proven to help prevent the development of gambling addiction. The most effective implementation of such messages would be displaying them at intervals throughout the game (every 30 spins, for instance), which require players to click to close them. This technique is more effective than having rotating text banners on the bottom of the game screen, which can easily be ignored by players as they don’t directly interrupt gameplay.

AXON: A Tool for Responsible Gaming

We want our players to enjoy our games for the right reasons and want to offer a source of entertainment that adults can enjoy in a safe and secure environment. After all, responsible gaming is a driving force to maintain a sustainable business. We take responsible gaming seriously and our solution offers a number of features that cover areas such as:

  • Session time limits
  • Deposit limits
  • Loss limits
  • Wagering limits
  • Timeouts
  • Self-exclusions

AXON measures various types of player data and assesses online player gambling habits to highlight early indicators of problem gambling. This helps you manage the responsible gaming aspect of your iGaming business operation. Contact us at Computime Software for more information on how AXON Gaming can enhance your responsible gaming requirements. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for updates!