Qualities every live dealer should have

Live casinos are a huge draw for the more sociable online gamer – they provide the opportunity to play against other people rather than a machine. Moreover, the player can get a real life casino experience from the comfort of their own home. Professional and experienced croupiers are an important piece in making a live casino authentic and enjoyable for your players. Find out some of the most important qualities that every live dealer should have below, along with information on how AXON Gaming’s live stream monitoring solution can improve real-time player engagement.


Knowledge of the rules

It would be quite embarrassing for the live dealer in question should his or her players appear more informed than the person in charge of conducting the game. Not only must they know all the rules, they must also be able to articulate them to participants of all skill levels.

Good communication skills

A lively and entertaining personality goes a long way – after all, casinos are there for people to have fun! A professional croupier should know how to build good rapport with players, as well as ensure that everyone is having a good time, even if they lose. Experienced dealers know how to engage every person at the table by asking their name and where they come from, ultimately making them feel welcome.

Mechanical skills

Handling payouts to winners and shuffling cards in a smooth and tight manner does not only improve the experience for players but also boosts the reputation of the casino. A good understanding of these skills can also help to avoid giving craftier players an unfair advantage. The dealer is responsible for knowing when to split the pot, along with cashing in or cashing out players at appropriate times during the game.

Diplomacy and restraint

A key responsibility of a professional croupier is knowing how to resolve conflicts should they arise between players. They should act objectively in the face of irate customers, without showing any bias or preference to any player. The ability to think analytically with speed and accuracy will also help people feel more comfortable about placing their confidence in you.

Optimise real-time player engagement with AXON Gaming

Take a more proactive approach towards live dealer games with AXON Gaming’s live stream monitoring solution. This software solution is able to:

• Predict and alert the appropriate staff when tables are experiencing performance issues
• Inform players of any incidents and trigger inconvenience bonuses
• Measure the quality and availability of online video by checking all the streams on the ECN (Electronic Communication Network)
• Provide notifications if the system is down, and push players onto duplicate or alternate streams based on performance
• Generate reports to identify trends in the general performance of the ECN, along with showing the up-time percentage of each feed

Boost player retention by making your live casino the best gaming experience possible with AXON Gaming. For more information, contact us at Computime Software.

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