Improve player experience & optimise retention with AXON Gaming

Mediocrity is not an option when it comes to ensuring player retention – iGaming companies need to be one step above the rest by keeping players happy. Making sure technical issues are kept to the minimum and resolved immediately when they do crop up, which they will, is therefore critical.

AXON Gaming solution overview

Computime Software takes a look at the ways AXON Gaming can provide a better user experience to your players, minimising the chances of them going elsewhere and thus, increasing player retention.

Monitor live stream quality

The AXON Gaming Live Stream Monitoring tool performs a range of checks on all your streams to measure the quality of the video being streamed to your players, so when tables are experiencing performance issues, AXON will automate certain processes that are performed to restore a stream, such as allowing for an immediate proactive response. Our tool also sends an internal message to alert staff responsible to take appropriate action.

 Automated inconvenience bonuses     

In the case of a performance issue arising, AXON can be set to automatically activate real-time player messaging to inform players on the table, push them onto an alternate stream, as well as trigger an inconvenience bonus. Needless to say, this optimises player retention.

Customisable dashboard

AXON’s centralised and customisable dashboard displays all data collected from live stream uptime and performance, which can be used to identify trends in the quality of individual streams and the ECN’s overall performance.

AXON Gaming is a lightweight solution that can be installed on-premises or hosted on the cloud at a minimal cost. To achieve real-time monitoring for marketing optimisation for your business, contact Computime Software – and see a demo of AXON today.

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