Personalize Player Messaging with AXON Gaming and Always Win

Personalize Player Messaging with AXON Gaming and send the appropriate tailored message to your players at just the right time.

There are many situations in which it is easy to be wise after the event, but this doesn’t always work in your favor in the iGaming business. When operating a system that includes countless variations of games, and hundreds of thousands of players each enjoying their favorite games, it is imperative that you provide a tailored communication at the correct time. All of this and much more can be achieved by employing the AXON Gaming solution into your day-to-day operations.

Understand player behavior

One of the key aspects of the iGaming industry is being able to understand what your customers want. The great news is that you don’t need to be a mind reader to achieve this, as all that you need is AXON Gaming’s capability of tracking and acting upon critical data in real time.

Players have a habit of revealing much more to you than they know, simply by understanding how they navigate on your website, and the actions that they take. This type of data is essential when drawing up your next marketing strategy – did your last welcome bonus provide lower new player registrations than the previous or did your last deposit bonus backfire? Critical data can actually show you what has stopped players signing up and save you money the next time you launch a new offer.

The same can be said for seasonal promos, which may not be well received by a certain demographic of you registrants. Data collected can allow you to send more personalized messages to existing players to entice them to participate in your current promotions.

Understand your players behavior with AXON Gaming

Monitor your live stream games

Live dealer games are taking the online gaming industry by storm, but their unique feature of being live provide a challenge for some iGaming companies. One of the best ways of improving player user experience is being able to predict and receive alerts when certain tables are suffering from performance issues.

It might be the case that a technical error occurs during a live dealer game, which may hamper user experience. Being able to monitor these games in real-time allows the operator to fix the issue, and also send personalized messages to players to explain the situation, offer an inconvenience bonus, and much more.

In addition to this, being able to monitor live streams with AXON Gaming can also allow iGaming companies to push players onto duplicate and/or alternate streams on the basis of table performance.

Monitor your live dealer games with AXON Gaming

Engage with your clients in real-time

The vast majority of iGaming players expect optimal B2C communication during their entire user experience. In fact, AXON Gaming empowers iGaming companies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in achieving this.

One of the ways in which this is possible is through the streamlining of data collection and communication between various internal systems that allow an online gaming operation to run successfully. In basic terms, operators will be able to know immediately when a player is making a deposit and withdrawal, cashing in a coupon, or experiencing some other issue.

This effectively bolsters features such as live chat pop-ups, which allow the operater to assist any player with a personalized response in their time of need. Most players have a great appreciation for an immediate reply to their query, which instills more player confidence in the iGaming offering.

Increase player retention rates

The harsh reality for most iGaming business is the vast selection that now exists for players to choose from. Most of these companies will go above and beyond to keep their clients satisfied and on their toes, but not all of them manage to catch them in time and end up losing them.

The AXON Gaming platform allows critical data on player gaming preferences to be collected, which is a great way of increasing player retention rates and generating more revenue. A simple way of achieving this is through sending personalized player content on the basis of their past gaming choices.

This feature is a great way of cross selling different games to existing players in order to keep them happy and interested in playing on your site. It is also a good exercise in understanding which of your games are faring better and retaining the most traffic.

Maximize player retention with AXON Gaming

Keep track of your VIPs

Managing VIPs is a crucial aspect of the iGaming industry. Your high rollers are your star players, and you should do everything that you can to keep them happy for longer. One way of making this possible is by using AXON Gaming to send automated, personalized marketing messages to each individual VIP player that you have.

In addition, you can also monitor real-time data in order to set alerts that are based on your business critical thresholds. This means that you can now be alerted each time your VIPs land a huge win or suffer a loss so that you can chat with them in real-time, suggest new games, and also alert any VIP manager to any action a VIP player may take.

Personalized messaging content is an essential tool that should be present in any iGaming company’s arsenal. Each player is unique in their own right, so no business can afford to communicate with them in a generic way. AXON Gaming allows you to create the best possible tailored responses, which makes it more likely for the client to keep playing for longer at your website.