Pamper your VIPs during the ups and downs

Pampering your VIPs has never been easier

Managing an online gaming brand is by no means an easy feat. Apart from the countless hours spent in website operation and maintenance, a large part of running a successful online gaming site involves striking the right balance between providing an exciting experience and turning a profit. While the former part of the equation is much easier to achieve, meeting profit margins is trickier – and this is where VIPs may come into play.

VIP players can be easily considered as the main bread and butter of any successful online gaming brand, and being able to understand their playing behavior provides companies with useful insights into how they can optimize the player journey. This is where AXON Gaming comes into the picture –  it focuses on sending the right message to your players at the right time. This is achieved through the automatic triggering of customized marketing messaging based on player demographics, gaming behavior, activity profile, and much more.

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Start by understanding what your VIPs want

The first step in increasing VIP retention rates is understanding what your key players want from your site. With AXON Gaming, operators can optimize their retention rates and improve their VIP strategies by developing more tailored and personalized communication with each individual player.

Apart from your daily contact with VIP players, AXON Gaming also collects critical data about your important players, which in turn can be used to determine key business critical thresholds. These can be used to set up specific alerts that allow any company to know when a VIP has either reduced or increased their gaming activity, as well as send out other alerts that can include promotions to entice them to place more bets or to shift their focus to other games. There is also the added benefit of real-time data capture, which yields more accurate and robust results when determining what your VIPs exactly want.

Pampering can also lead to profit

It can be said that VIPs contribute to the vast majority of any online gaming company’s profit, so their happiness is paramount to the success of the operator. However, it is also critical for these operators to understand that each VIP is unique, and each one requires a specific level of pampering that is tailored to their needs and wants.

With AXON Gaming, users can retrieve important data which allows the operator to understand what their VIP player wants and when. One individual might be happy with a set of free spins on his favorite slot machine, while another might be happy with a cashback bonus for a blackjack game. In addition, AXON Gaming also allows VIP Managers to get in touch with VIP players in real time through chat, SMS, or email so that they can talk to them directly should the need arise.

Optimize your VIP strategy

Each VIP deserves a unique approach

As already discussed above, pampering your VIPs on an individual basis is an important step towards success. However, compiling such enormous amounts of data is not as straightforward as it may seem. Luckily, AXON Gaming also allows the operator to profile its VIP players with relative ease.

While most companies still may use an archaic manual approach of compiling this type of sensitive information, AXON Gaming makes use of cutting edge technology that automatically profiles VIP players in real time. In turn, this allows for more personalized messaging, which is tailored to their playing choices and habits. Furthermore, this also allows VIP managers to properly plan out marketing campaigns to increase VIP player retention and satisfaction.

Getting in touch with your VIPs has never been easier

Getting in touch with players has never been easier, and with a wide range of methods to do so, companies can often get carried away. In fact, any serious online gaming brand cannot afford to get their communications wrong – especially when it comes to VIPs.

VIP players expect a seamless experience when playing online, so it is imperative to ensure that companies deliver the right messages to their VIPs at the right time. AXON Gaming manages to do just this, as it can trigger automatic marketing messaging that are customized on the basis of player demographics, gaming preferences, activity profile, and many more variables.

All players of an online gaming brand are instrumental to its success, but VIPs always manage to bring much more to the table. This is the reason why they need to be handled with more care and diligence, and AXON Gaming manages to do so with ease and efficiency.

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