Optimize your iGaming Operation with AXON Gaming

Optimize your iGaming operation by empowering your people with AXON Gaming!

Do you find it difficult to manage the data that drives your business or department? Does your business critical data sit on multiple disconnected systems? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re not alone. The majority of iGaming companies rely on a cumbersome, manual process to collect, analyze, and act on critical data. In most cases, it’s still too late, and opportunities to increase revenue have passed you by.

The solution to optimizing your iGaming business centers around empowering the key people in your company with real-time access to the data that drives results. They should have the ability to systematically create their own hypotheses and automations, allowing them to focus on optimization rather than manual tasks which are time consuming and low value to the bottom line.

This brings us to AXON Gaming, which enables iGaming companies to track and act upon critical data in real time, while automatically triggering business related actions in various internal systems.

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How to fully optimize your iGaming operation in 4 easy steps:

  1. Connect your systems and monitor the data in real-time
  2. Set business rules to automate actions across your systems
  • Example – Providing a deposit bonus automatically
  • Identify person/persons eligible for offering
  • Send email to these players with the offer
  • Track if this offer has been actioned
  • Trigger the offer in the platform
  1. Review the effect of the automation through your BI tool
  2. Use the real-time data to refine your hypothesis

AXON Gaming is packed with features:

  • Full integration with your internal systems
  • Unlimited rules and unlimited users
  • Robust rules engine with easy to use UI
  • Real-time data in a single customizable dashboard
  • Data stays where it belongs, safe with you
  • Big data volume with small footprint

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