Optimise VIP Management with AXON Gaming

When it comes to casino games, ‘VIP player’ refers to a player who bets high and can collectively bring in a percentage as high as 80% of your gaming company’s profits. Keeping your VIPs happy is therefore critical for player retention and the success of your business.

In order to retain these high rollers, it is important to keep in mind that VIPs are unique players who must be treated so. Connecting with them on a much more intimate level than you would a regular player can optimise player retention. Treating them with special care can be done in a number of ways, such as offering them special deals, complimentary bonuses, as well as invitations to exclusive events. This is where VIP Management comes in.

With AXON Gaming – a software solution for online sportsbook and casino games, you can track your VIP players’ every move in real time. The information gathered from such tracking can then be used to base strategic marketing decisions on, and through AXON’s powerful rules engine, each marketing campaign can be measured in as much detail as needed.

AXON Gaming for VIP Management

Here are a few of the AXON Gaming features and the useful alerts this software solution can implement for VIP management and player retention.

1. Notify VIP managers

AXON Gaming provides managers with a real time view of their VIP players, showing when the VIP player is online and starts playing. As player reacquisition is extremely hard once a player chooses to be loyal to another brand, AXON Gaming enables VIP managers to effect changes immediately in order to avoid reaching players when it is too late.

A crucial feature of the AXON Gaming VIP Management module is that it alerts whether a player may be having a great or bad experience, for instance after a huge win or loss. This empowers VIP managers to take real time decisions accordingly; be it to reach out to the player, offer a bonus or whatever action they deem necessary to provide an exceptional service and experience.

2. Real time player messaging

Engaging with your VIP players makes them feel cared for and helps develop a bond, which in turn, contributes towards retention optimisation as this increases the likelihood of them continuing to choose your brand over others. The best thing about the real time messaging feature is that it provides data in the present and before it’s too late.

3. Recommend new games based on the VIP’s playing style

Another important step to increasing the chances of VIP player retention is understanding a player’s behavioural patterns as well as their likes and dislikes when it comes to games. One feature AXON Gaming offers is recommending new games to your players based on their playing style, which in turn keeps them playing on your site.

Therefore, being pro-active in providing an exceptional end-to-end service tailored to the needs of your VIP players helps to build a strong rapport, which is crucial in keeping players loyal to your brand.

If you would like further information on how we can help you optimise your player profiling, enhance your VIP management, and increase marketing optimisation, play your cards right and contact Computime Software – developers of AXON Gaming.

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