Optimise your acquisition strategy with AXON Gaming

With the continual growth and constant advancements being made in the competitive world of iGaming, it’s becoming more and more challenging to attract players of high quality whilst getting a good return for your marketing budget. A good acquisition strategy should also re-engage formerly disinterested customers and prioritise player retention, making sure that they are well looked after and giving them enough reason to stay. So, how you can stay one step ahead? Well, with AXON Gaming, of course!


Affiliate marketing optimisation

 Bonus sites, SEO, PPC, web advertising, and community affiliates are all examples of how iGaming operators can partner with other networks to attract new players. With any acquisition strategy, it’s important to build relationships with sites that are reputable, and which will give you a valuable and long-term partnership.

Bonuses and promotions

 A rewarding welcome bonus or an attractive offer on signing up are guaranteed ways of driving new players to your brand. New promotions can also bring back older, previously dissatisfied customers, and can help retain existing ones. Prizes and rewards can also be launched with the unveiling of new games, such as the chance to win free spins or reload bonuses.

So, how does AXON Gaming tie all of this together?

 Operating in real time, AXON Gaming tracks your acquisition traffic from all sources and monitors player value in order to give you an immediate view into ROI. This enables you to determine which new player traffic sources are worthwhile spending your budget on, and which ones to turn off. Take it one step further and AXON uses the data collected from your traffic sources enabling you to automate customised bonus campaigns based on player personas and journeys.

3 key takeaways with AXON Gaming

  1. Optimises bonuses by monitoring player data from campaigns, allowing you to gain an insight into what is working towards your KPIs.
  2. Guides you on where to invest and how to achieve maximum profit from campaigns by tracking information from each acquisition source.
  3. Evaluates how effective a campaign is by creating event triggers through player segmenting and journey maximisation.

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