KPIs and Reporting: how modern CFOs can rise to the technology challenges of finance

Gone are the days when a monthly summary of sales was sufficient. With the speed and increasing demands of modern business, today’s modern CFOs face bigger hurdles than ever before and are expected to have real-time numbers at their fingertips to keep up with the fast-paced digital world.

In order to provide accurate and timely data for reporting, budgeting, data analysis, and forecasting – CFOs must utilise KPIs (key performance indicators) and financial reporting tools to deliver insightful, profit-building decisions. And in order to do so, they need an efficient ERP system.

Choosing the right financial management software

Manually extracting data and using Excel spreadsheets takes hours – time which could be better spent providing real value. To mitigate this, ERP systems need to be fast, flexible, and able to provide data and insights on-demand, so that CFOs can access them easily, and in a format that is convenient for them.

Particularly as the financial period-end continues to become an increasingly high priority, the demand for speed and accuracy also intensifies. Organisations therefore continue to strive toward greater efficiencies by seeking the right financial management software with KPIs and analytical tools to report on those numbers in a meaningful way.

Automate and facilitate your financial processes with Acumatica’s modern financial management technology

Good technology can do more than reduce errors and accelerate closing activities. It should also provide insights that CFOs need for profitability analysis, reporting processes, and improve the financial team’s ability to analyse big data – ensuring analyses are as precise and current as possible.

Acumatica is a modern Cloud ERP system and financial management technology which automates data extraction; it also carries out analysis tasks to provide real insight that can be accessed across the organisation at any given moment and in whatever manner is most convenient to the user. Armed with the right ERP system and analytical tools such as Acumatica, modern CFOs can easily access and make sense of their data, thus increasing the organisation’s opportunity to grow.

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