The ins and outs of responsible gaming

iGaming has fast become one of the most popular pastimes over the last 10 years or so, with the industry currently enjoying massive growth and success across the globe. Having said that, it’s important for industry providers to protect their players and to respect high standards of quality. Whilst gambling is ostensibly a recreational activity, to some it may become dangerously addictive and can have serious effects on their personal or professional lives. Read on to find out how and why responsible gaming is vital and how AXON Gaming helps you comply with its principles.


Underage gambling

The law prevents those under 18 years from gambling with real money. Underage gaming is one of the major areas that responsible gambling falls under, and gaming operators must take the most stringent of measures to ensure that their customers are all of legal age.

Protection against crime and money laundering

As with any activity involving the transfer of money on the web, online gambling is vulnerable to hackers and criminals who can easily target personal details belonging to registered users. Full AML compliance must be carried out to detect and block any suspicious activity, with components designed to perform risk assessment, KYC requirements, and player profiling.

Secure payments and transactions

Security tools must be implemented to provide a reliable and safe software platform that players feel comfortable using. Any financial details and personal data must be fully protected.

Data protection

Online operators must ensure that personal details belonging to their customers is kept private from third parties and other potentially harmful sources. Unauthorised disclosure of numbers, addresses, names, and email addresses is a serious breach of trust on the company’s part, and it can have severe repercussions for all parties involved.

Safeguarding the vulnerable

Player activity must be recorded in such a way that it gives companies an idea of their gambling behaviour. If larger deposits or withdrawals are being made on a more frequent basis, then the player in question should be alerted and informed. Deposit limits, self-exclusion procedures, and time-out options should all be available for access within a user’s account.

How can AXON Gaming help?

AXON Gaming assesses online player gambling habits to highlight early indications of problem gambling. It also gives iGaming companies ideas on how to specifically market based on a player’s risk profile. AXON measures various types of player data including intensity, risk, volume, and change for better analysis.

We offer a range of rules and alerts within AXON to help manage the responsible gaming aspect of their operation. These automations provide our iGaming clients with control through the live monitoring of potential player issues where their gambling behaviour is problematic. Some of the areas we cover are:

• Session time limit
• Deposits limit
• Loss limit
• Wagering limit
• Timeout
• Self-exclusion

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