How to Select ERP Software for Distribution

The ongoing software revolution is completely modifying the way business is conducted, and distribution companies should most definitely take advantage of the scenario. Distributors are now able to save money and increase the speed of operations due to cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The question is what to look for in an ERP software. The answer is as follows:

Productivity: As far as the productivity of an ERP solution is concerned, usability plays a major role. See to it that the software is available on every device and is easy to use. User productivity is affected by factors such as workflow automation tools and multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. Having reporting features and document management amplifies the productivity feature in an ERP solution even more. 

Functionality: The functionality of an ERP software depends on the impact it has on how a business is run. The way it takes care of numerous business entities speaks volumes about the efficiency of an ERP solution. This becomes especially vital when an organization has branches in different parts of the world or conducts their warehouse operations under a different corporate entity. An effective ERP solution should be equipped with features such as intercompany transactions, inventory control, and financial consolidation.

Technology: A competent cloud ERP is one that can always be accessed through a web browser without having to download or install a special software. Yet another technological aspect for an ERP solution to have is a full relational database and standards-based APIs for application integration.

Value: Value will, by default, be a part of potential distribution ERPs. Make sure you evaluate the true total cost of ownership (TCO) of the ERP solution. TCO should take into account factors such as costs of integration with other systems, support personnel, and so on. Future growth will also impact the value calculus, as unexpected expenditure arises when systems are scaled. 

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