How the Right Cloud Construction Software Can Eliminate Silos and Improve Collaboration

Construction businesses seeking to increase customer satisfaction may want to start with the right cloud construction accounting software, which gets all teams on the same page. The result? A connected and collaborative business working towards the singular goal of making customers happy.

The customer is the be-all and end-all, the determiner of your success or your failure. You must meet their expectations to succeed, but if you’re working with a legacy construction accounting system, chances are you probably have organisational silos – where information doesn’t flow smoothly across the organisation and the entire business suffers.

Ending the disconnect with cloud construction software

 What does a siloed organisation look like? Your accounting, sales, and project teams are working diligently at their own jobs without considering whether what they’re doing may affect the other teams. This is a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. And the person who suffers the most is the customer.

The first three signs are:

  1. Information doesn’t flow smoothly across your organisation
  2. It’s difficult to determine which projects are profitable
  3. Lack of visibility on labour costs

The fourth sign has to do with the multiple software applications you use in addition to your accounting system. Most legacy systems are unable to integrate these external systems, forcing construction firms to manage their estimating, accounting, project management, bid management, and project scheduling via a paper-based and error-prone process.

Enter Acumatica Cloud ERP Construction Edition

 After implementing Acumatica Construction Edition, customers experience rapid growth and improved profitability. They benefit from seamless integration and connectivity for a real-time view of the entire business, at any time and from anywhere. Customers also experience improved data availability (such as material arrival timelines, invoice approvals, and actual project expenses), increased communication and efficiency.

Moving to modern, transformative cloud technology provides you with an end-to-end solution in which everyone from management and field operations to the back office is connected and has complete visibility into your business and your customers – offering major benefits such as:

  1. Connecting your accounting with your construction business
  2. Generating reports showing the percentage completed for projects
  3. Tracking inventory and helping your service business in scheduling, dispatching, and managing work orders

Become a connected construction business, make customers happy

Connected cloud technology through the right construction accounting software is the pathway to making your customers happy. Contact us to learn more about Acumatica Construction Edition – a mobile, connected construction accounting software solution that keeps your teams working with the same project reporting, contract, budget, change order, invoice, purchase order, and job cost information at the same time.