How to Get Your Team on Board with the Implementation of a Cloud ERP

Cloud based software solutions and their ability to solve business problems is a hot topic right now, and for companies planning an ERP implementation, employee support is key to its success. As people come to expect the same digital capabilities in their workplace technology as their personal devices, millennials won’t need much convincing to adopt a modern, cloud ERP solution, however other employees may be resistant to embracing the benefits of new technology – feeling that it may disrupt their daily activities and cause their workflows to be less efficient.


Our team at Computime Software – exclusive distributors of Acumatica Cloud ERP in Malta – explore a few ways of showing your workers how new technology and will benefit both them and the company.

Give employees a heads up about the implementation plan

The benefits of a cloud-based ERP may be unclear to your employees who have been making do with manual processes or a legacy system for years. They may feel this change is unnecessary, disruptive to their way of doing things, and even slightly offensive – perceiving that their efforts haven’t been up to par.

The best time to address their concerns (and possible feelings of resentment) is before the ERP implementation occurs. Giving employees a heads up that a new business management system is in the works will give them time to digest the news, ask questions, and adjust to change.

Communicate the benefits clearly

For those who have been making do with your more traditional system for years, it is important to explain the features and the resulting benefits of the right ERP implementation, such as mobility, flexibility, ease of use, robust analytics, and a single source of truth – which provide increased efficiency, scalability, and profitability.

Make it known that the entire organisation will be using the same system

Reinforcing the fact that the executive team fully supports this major investment can facilitate faster acceptance, and making it known that everyone in the company – from the top down – will be using the same ERP system can instil confidence and a smoother adoption of new technology.

After all, without the support of your team, the time, money, and effort you put into your ERP implementation may be wasted – preventing your company from reaping the rewards brought by automating your business management processes.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a full suite of integrated business management applications

Acumatica Cloud ERP helps streamline your processes while providing visibility over all aspects of your operations to accelerate your business growth. Contact our team at Computime Software to find out whether Acumatica Cloud ERP is the right solution for your business.

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