Cross segment your players to discover their distinct personas

AXON Gaming facilitates data segmentation and creation of distinct player personas, which can improve the overall business performance.

In the iGaming industry, it is vital for companies to understand their customers in terms of their playing habits, betting patterns, and game preferences. However, collating such information may be very time consuming, especially if it involves multiple systems and their corresponding data collection points.

Cross-segmentation of different datasets is a great way of overcoming such an issue, and the AXON Gaming solution is a powerful tool to track and act upon critical data in real-time.

Segment your data to better understand your players

Segmentation of user data offers a holistic approach towards better understanding your players through multiple dimensions. These multiple data dimensions can be anything from players who placed bets on a specific game in a given week, or used a particular promo, or even those who played multiple games in one sitting. The combination of information is practically endless, and it provides the operator with key information about the preference of their players.

In turn, this allows for better segmentation of players into groups, which can then be targeted for specific business purposes. The AXON Gaming solution allows for such data segmentation to happen, and it also allows operators to collect it in real time. Such a function translates into quicker reaction times to provide players with rewards and access to other bonuses as necessary.

Furthermore, AXON Gaming also allows for full integration to internal systems, which means that data can be collected and accessed from one central location.

Improve retention rates with tailored campaigns

The ultimate aim of any iGaming business is to increase company profits. One of the ways to achieve this is through increasing retention rates of existing players – by keeping them happy and playing for longer.

While it is true that several operators will focus on campaigns to recruit new players, it is still important to keep your current ones satisfied for longer. One way of achieving better retention rates is through the understanding of what your players want, and effectively giving it to them before anyone else does.

By using segmented data, operators can create more tailored campaigns that fit specific player groups or distinctive player personas. For example, a player that prefers playing slots would rather receive free spins than a cashback bonus on blackjack. Through the AXON Gaming solution, operators can automatically profile their players and create specific messages and campaigns, which in turn allows them to easily measure and optimize their targeted marketing campaigns.

Focus specifically on certain games

Most iGaming businesses would want to push players towards specific games that would be new or more profitable for them. Through data segmentation, it becomes easier to understand which games are the most popular with players, and which ones are the most lucrative for the business. In addition, operators can also better grasp why certain games might not be faring as well as others, and ultimately improve the overall user experience.

With the AXON Gaming solution, this is possible as well. In fact, there is specific functionality that is tailored for the management of live dealer games, which allows for a better prediction and alert system of when tables are experiencing performance issues. This information can allow a business to take automatic action in order to improve the service to its customers.

The great thing about AXON Gaming is that it can integrate well with internal IT systems, as well as create automated processes that do not require much manual labor to run. The overall benefit will be a better quality of games being offered to clients, which will in turn spend a longer time playing.

Increase the number of new players though segmentation

Utilizing personas that are created through data segmentation is also beneficial for attracting new players. Being able to specifically target these groups of players by understanding their demographics is a great way to attract them to your brand. For example, new female players between the ages of 25 and 30, coming from Sweden, that deposit more than €50 can be given a generous referral bonus. All of this can be achieved with AXON Gaming, as it facilitates that rigorous data collection process and paves the way for more optimized rewards campaigns and player loyalty.

Having the capability of analyzing multiple customer personas through segmentation can yield multiple business benefits. Being able to have a more holistic approach towards understanding players and their behavior can allow for more tailored responses, better retention rates, and overall improved business performance.