AXON Gaming Enables Real-Time Communication with Your Players at the Right Time

With an automated, real-time communication solution like AXON Gaming, you can instantly reach out to your customers just when they need you most!

Nobody should catch you snoozing on the job, especially if you’re an iGaming brand. It’s a bad look for your business and a bad deal for your players. When split-second decisions make the difference between new signup or lost prospect, new game or end session, raving VIP or disgruntled customer, you’ll need to stay on your toes and do everything in your power to nudge people towards the outcome you want.

With an automated, real-time communication solution such as AXON Gaming, you can instantly reach out to customers just when they might need you the most. To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, here are four situations where real-time engagement could help you increase signups, deliver a better service, maximize retention, and make personalized content suggestions.

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Assist people while they’re signing up for an account or setting up payment methods

Those early interactions with a new casino will make a lasting impression on prospective and new players, which is why there’s no better way to welcome and successfully on-board new signups than through live chat. AXON Gaming makes it possible to initiate a new chat session at any point before, during, and after the registration process.

You can intervene directly if a player encounters difficulties while creating an account or using the online payment system. AXON Gaming lets you react instantly whenever a player makes a new deposit or withdrawal request, as well as monitor real-time transaction levels and control chargebacks for each payment provider.

Give players a heads-up when there are performance issues

Another benefit of communicating in real-time is that you can zero in and take rapid action when something goes wrong. If a game suddenly breaks down or live stream quality falters, you can notify your players right away and offer them an alternative before the situation has time to worsen.

AXON Gaming has a live stream monitoring module that makes it possible to flag any tables which are experiencing performance issues, trigger an internal alert to the people responsible for fixing it, and limit any fallout by getting in front of the situation and informing players about it. The system can also be configured to push players automatically to a duplicate or alternate stream based on performance.

Shower VIPs with extra attention

Maintaining regular contact is a key strategy for optimizing retention and loyalty. As players get used to your casino offering, you’ll be focusing your efforts towards maximizing their value by enticing them to stick around and spend more money through VIP programs and various perks. In this case, your marketing messages can be more effective when they are customized for individual players.

Communication strategies that work for improving retention and relationships with VIPs and high-rollers include personalized greetings whenever they log in, congratulatory messages whenever they make a huge win, and even a thoughtful email or SMS wishing them better luck next time should they lose.

As players ascend through the ranks of your loyalty program, they’ll begin expecting a more concierge-style interaction, where VIP managers could be engaging with them in real-time to recommend new games based on their playing styles or make changes to their accounts – AXON Gaming automates this service for you.

Make anyone feel special just by saying ‘Hi!’

But it’s not only VIPs that may benefit from a personalized touch. Operators can increase retention rates across the board by creating tailored marketing messages for each player persona. AXON Gaming enables you to automatically profile your players and push specific messaging to them based on their playing style. Using the powerful reporting dashboard, you can easily analyze and adjust each marketing campaign down to the finest detail.

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Get the conversation going today

Communicating with your players in real-time is so important because it allows you to insert yourself in the situation before they make up their minds about what happens next.

AXON Gaming makes it easier for online casino operators to cut down on the time it takes to respond to tell-tale signs in their players’ behavior. By tracking and acting upon critical and time-sensitive data, you can respond in a timely manner to any player behavior or usage scenario, which in turn leads to an improved gaming experience.