How AXON Gaming streamlines your Regulatory & Compliance functions

Any reputable iGaming company keeps Regulatory & Compliance functions as a top priority in their company’s overall success. So, what are such functions worth? The answer is very simple: everything.

In layman’s terms, having good Regulatory & Compliance functions can save the company from the industry’s version of the death penalty — the revocation of its gaming license after disciplinary action. Undoubtedly, a company’s ability to earn revenue are exhausted once a gaming license is revoked.

Regulatory & Compliance functions act as an insurance policy for the company’s future. Computime Software wanted to highlight the necessity of compliance, by exploring the gravity of being non-compliant, and ways in which AXON Gaming can help your company be the best it can be.

Why should a company keep Regulatory & Compliance functions in check?

As iGaming continues to thrive, a company’s future successes rely on receiving additional licences for new jurisdictions. This, in turn, is directly linked to said company’s regulatory history. After all, the best forecaster of a company’s future compliance is its past. Businesses with insufficient compliance records could find themselves greatly disadvantaged when attempting to secure rights or licenses from new authorities.

How can we help?

Fortunately, we have the solution to all your compliance needs – the AXON Gaming Regulatory and Compliance module. It is a time-saving software solution that supports you in automating and enhancing your Regulatory & Compliance functions. This is done through monitoring and reporting on crucial information, in real time.

 AXON Gaming: A Synopsis

One of AXON Gaming’s best assets is the fact that supplementary development will not be required to perform additional checks on data sources. This means functions need not be delivered via pre-defined dashboards and can be synchronized with your company’s current system, which makes for a hassle-free installation and implementation. Additionally, automation with assimilated systems will make regulatory and compliance teams more resourceful in their day-to-day monitoring of fraudulent activity. Moreover, AXON Gaming even addresses regulatory reporting by capturing mandatory data.

AXON Gaming provides you with blacklist updates

  • Automate alerts when a player requests a withdrawal, or when time for the due diligence has expired
  • Activate programmed age verification with third party software
  • Flag due diligence checks based on time from player registration

AXON Gaming programmes due diligence with alerts and actions

  • Trigger automated age verification with third party software
  • Notifies you about due diligence checks based on time from player registration
  • Systematises blacklist updates
  • Warn the fraud team on doubtful activity based on pre-defined rules
  • Programme fraud checks in third party systems
  • Add country/jurisdiction specific rules on-demand, to certify the total amount deposited from cardholders does not surpass the monthly limit

AML compliance is an integral part of any successful iGaming company.  If your company would like to ensure that all of its Regulatory & Compliance functions are in order through AXON Gaming, contact Computime Software today.

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