Work Smarter, Not Harder – Automate Your Bonus Campaigns with AXON Gaming

Automated bonus campaigns lead to increased retention rates

Attracting the right type of players and keeping them happy for a long time is one of the greatest challenges for any iGaming company. Despite the fact that players looking for a new gaming website might have several features that they consider as being important, they all pay special attention to the types of bonuses and promotions on offer.

Ensuring that there are lucrative and relevant bonus campaigns available can be an arduous task, but the AXON Gaming solution can make this process automated and more efficient for any iGaming business.

Attract the right customers at the right time

Certain campaigns such as Welcome Bonuses can be very useful in appealing to new players in signing up to a gaming website. However, it is very common for such websites to attract the wrong type of clients, especially the ones that simply sign up, use the welcome promotions, and then never make a deposit again. This can be seen as quite a large loss of marketing resources, as while the campaign did manage to drive new subscriptions, the retention level could be seen as being low.

With AXON Gaming, you can now optimize your retention strategy and improve player conversion rates. There are numerous acquisition channels that result in new player registrations, and with AXON you can understand which ones make best use of their marketing budget. One such important channel is the welcome bonus offer, and with AXON Gaming businesses can automate customized bonuses that are based on a player’s traffic source.

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Offer the best bonus campaigns to your players

The Welcome Bonus is not the only important type of promotion that an iGaming business needs to consider. Regular and exciting promos are one of the most important ways of increasing player retention rates and driving up company revenue. But with so many different types of players, each having their own budgets and game preferences, it might be difficult to come up with a bonus campaign that targets all these individuals.

With AXON Gaming, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their player retention function, without the need of having to worry about collating information from different systems.

In fact, AXON Gaming allows for fully automated data collection and communication between different internal systems and platforms. These can include the website itself, social media feeds, payment gateways, gaming platforms, email marketing systems, and so on. Effectively, this allows any iGaming company to build an initial player profile, which can then be used to tailor a specific bonus for them.

Furthermore, you can also use AXON to better understand how your players make use of your website, so as to provide them with better automated bonus campaigns that fit their betting budget and general gaming habits.

Pamper your VIPs in the best way possible

Every operator in the iGaming Industry knows that VIP Players are the ones to look out for, as in some cases these can contribute to a wide majority of the profits made by the company. As such, keeping VIPs happy is a great recipe for success, and a personalized touch can make this process easier. Each VIP player is unique, so every interaction with them must be customized to make it feel more intimate – and the same can be said when providing them with bonuses.

Through the AXON Gaming solution, operators can also generate automated retention bonuses, which is a great tool when used correctly. Users can further maximize the accuracy of a bonus campaign by a specific set of rules. Each time these are met, they automatically trigger bonuses and promos that are based on a player’s given VIP level and stage in a playing cycle. This tool makes it easier to manage VIPs in the long run, and ultimately increases retention.

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Generating automated bonus campaigns is a powerful tool to make use of in the iGaming Industry. Not only does it allow the iGaming company to have a better return on investment on their marketing strategies, but it also allows a more personalized touch when dealing with both new and existing players. This is fully possible with AXON Gaming, which enables you to optimize your player communications and increase overall player retention rates.