Acumatica Construction Edition: The Best ERP Software for the Construction Industry

There are two types of construction and accounting software packages in the market today. They are worlds apart in design, efficiency and capability – and it is essential that you know the difference. You ask why? Because choose the wrong one, and your business will pay the price.

The different types of ERP software

The first ERP systems were developed in the 1990s and can now be considered legacy software. Given its not-so-recent launch date, it will come as no surprise to you that the software was designed for desktops which means that nowadays your teams must login into many different apps just to complete routine tasks. This fact makes the software difficult to use and nearly impossible to sync with other modern cloud-based applications.

Nowadays, modern cloud-based ERP accounting software is the standard for the construction industry. Born in the cloud, it allows the seamless integration of front office, back office, and field operations. This means that syncing everyone across the organization is now possible, with everyone having the same up to date information – and no longer having to use multiple apps to carry out day-to-day tasks.

So what is the catch, you ask?

Not all cloud ERP and accounting software systems are created equal

Not all cloud-based construction software is comprehensive. Acumatica Construction Edition is the most complete, native cloud-based solution. It exclusively offers true SaaS multi-tenant technology and a Private Cloud options for organizations which require flexible delivery options. It is built on the world’s undisputed leading cloud and mobile technology with a unique all-inclusive licensing model which gives you all the necessary tools to run your construction business.

With Acumatica Construction Edition, contractors can account for job costing, project management, inventory, service management, CRM, and much more. This provides a seamless solution and a smooth experience across the business for all users. Each team member has access to real-time data presented on innovative dashboards which can be accessed on phones and tablets – giving access to revenue, costs, commitments – all the while managing contracts and amending orders as necessary. All this in one, complete software system! Every member of the supply chain from management to field operations is connected and has visibility into the business and customer base.

Acumatica is always listening…and getting better!

Acumatica keeps evolving and adapting to the needs of the customers. Here are a few recent improvements made to the software to make it even more complete and feasible businesses.

Pay for what you use

While using Acumatica, you only pay for the computing resources your business requires. This means that you will not be paying for every user or new user you add, but rather you will pay only for the computing capacity you will actually use. These resources can be increased and decreased as necessary – so with Acumatica you can scale your business without worrying about increasing per-user license costs.

More flexibility and choices

It is important that construction accounting software is able to integrate and seamlessly sync with third party applications. Acumatica does just that. With secure application programming interfaces (APIs) the organization can build new interfaces, customised to its needs, that connect to trusted third party sources.

Extended mobility for teams

Mobility is an Acumatica staple in all its products. Every member of your team, whether at the workplace, in the field or travelling, will have real-time access into every aspect of ongoing projects. Data collected out in the field is also essential, so it is imperative that this makes it into the back-office system giving your admin staff holistic visibility. This is made possible via Acumatica’s mobility function.

Choose right – choose Acumatica!

Given all the advantages highlighted above, don’t you think it is time for your construction company to reach a new level of profitable growth? It is time to transition to a modern cloud ERP software which supports your business in every aspect. Acumatica Construction Edition is the solution if you are seeking a software that incorporates the latest technology while providing native job costing, project management, contract, budget, commitment, subcontract, workflow, compliance, billing, payroll, and field service capabilities under one solution.

So, contact us today to learn how Acumatica can help you scale your construction business to unprecedented levels of revenue and profits!