Introducing Acumatica Cloud ERP’s New Construction Edition: Enhanced and Advanced!

By listening to feedback from customers and partners, Acumatica’s latest Construction Edition has incorporated exciting new features and updates that have made the already outstanding software more intuitive and easier to use. Originally unveiled at the 2019 Acumatica Summit earlier this year, these features have been designed to better meet the needs of project teams. The team at Computime Software shares a few ways of how Acumatica’s Construction Edition has evolved.


New Features from the Acumatica 2019 R1 Release

  1. Drawing Logs: Project teams use drawing logs to store sketches and drawings, which sometimes need to be revised or changed. Acumatica’s Drawing Logs feature allows teams to attach updated drawings, and also provides information by linking to Project Issues and Request For Information (RFI).
  2. Project Budget Forecast: Teams can enter and edit project budget forecasts while comparing them to project costs and revenues for every financial period. Forecast data can help users create pivot tables and generic inquiries.
  3. Project Budget Control Warnings: Notifications are triggered when costs exceed budget limits for a specific project key. Change orders per product key and released commitments are included with the validation, which is analysed across all detail lines. N.B: This feature is still in Phase 1 pending further updates in the future.  
  4. Pay when Paid reports: These display the paid amount including total balance and retainage (original and unreleased) up to specified financial periods for invoices and retainage invoices. Customer payments can be compared to what users owe subcontractors and suppliers when choosing AP Bills to pay.

Further Enhanced Features

  • A new Due Date Calculation Type for Project Management Preferences regarding Project Issues (Due Date) and RFI Documents (Answer Date). Options include Sequential Days (including weekends) which adds a specified number of days to the current date, whereas the Business Days option does the same but only counts the days specified on the Work Calendar.
  • Project Management Classes now allow Project Issues priorities and RFI to be customised and contain a due date for project issues.
  • Project Issues can now be converted into an RFI, while linking associated project Drawing Logs is also available.
  • Enhancements for RFI include attaching drawings with a ZIP file, attaching project files to an RFI, linking project Drawing Logs and creating an “Incoming RFI” into an “Outgoing RFI”. The latter facilitates communication among project teams of professionals such as architects, engineers, downstream subcontractors and upstream owners.
  • Users can specify a specific type of commitment thanks to a new filter for document type on the header of Commitment Inquiry.
  • Better ease-of-use across Procore Integration and Acumatica as a result of improved navigation between both individual and the main mapping screens.

Acumatica Cloud ERP: Easy-to-Use Cloud Construction Software that Can Tackle Today’s Challenges

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