Ace it with AXON! 6 reasons your business needs it now

AXON Gaming is the meta tool that all iGaming operations have when they don’t want to leave their business profits to chance.

Our uniquely customised software provides full integration of your internal systems, allowing iGaming companies to track and act upon important data from one central location, in real-time, to increase marketing optimisation. Here are six facts about AXON Gaming to consider when investing in software for your iGaming business.

1. Player Retention

With the iGaming industry having become one of the most highly-competitive industries, how do you successfully position your business in the forefront? An effective marketing strategy should not only focus on acquiring new customers, but also on player retention of the existing ones. And given the fact that acquiring new customers is costly, it is becoming increasingly important to develop solid strategies that increase the chances of customers coming back to your brand.

With the AXON Gaming Retention module, you can increase player retention by sending each individual player automated personalised marketing messages.

Moreover, through this module, you can create alerts based on the real-time data your various internal systems are capturing. Through AXON Gaming’s reporting dashboard, details of each campaign can be measured easily, making it a great marketing tool to increase overall player retention rates.

2. VIP Management

As the number of top spenders is on the increase and make most of the revenue, knowing how to attract and retain high rollers is crucial. Offering them full-time VIP services such as privileges and a dedicated VIP management team to cater to their every need is the right way to go. The AXON Gaming VIP management tool allows you to automate special deals and bonus campaigns for your top players

3. Player acquisition & affiliates

AXON Gaming makes it possible for you to track your acquisition traffic in real-time, allowing you to instantly see where you should allocate your marketing budget to obtain the best return.

4. Real-time AML compliance

One of the handy features AXON Gaming provides for fraud detection is the AML transaction monitoring. The module tracks and reports critical data in real-time, enabling you to automate and optimise your AML compliance function. Unlike manual processes which require performing an individual check on each data source, this module is majorly time-saving.

5. Product Management

One critical element to running a successful iGaming operation is that different systems must communicate with one another for increased efficiency. AXON Gaming’s cutting-edge technology streamlines data collection and communication between various internal systems.

6. Live Stream Monitoring

The AXON’s Live Stream Monitoring tool monitors all your streams on the Electronic Communication Network (ECN) to measure the quality of the online video being transmitted to your players. It enables you to take a more proactive approach to your live dealer games, providing your players with a better user experience. Among the many features it offers, the tool is able to track when tables are experiencing performance issues, alert the appropriate staff to fix the problem, and even prompt an inconvenience bonus to the players.

So if you would like to improve fraud detection and AML compliance in real-time for your iGaming business, as well as increase your marketing optimisation for an immediate increase in revenue, get in touch with Computime for more information on how we can help you. With AXON Gaming, you’ll surely ace it every time.

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