5 types of iGamers you’ll encounter

Although there are millions of them worldwide, iGamers can be broken down into various categories based on different factors and criteria. Player profiling is just one of the features AXON Gaming offers, which is why our team at Computime Software has compiled a list of gamers you’ll encounter in the diverse world of iGaming.


1. The Casual Gamer

A Casual Gamer isn’t one who plays “casual games”, rather, one who has a casual approach towards gaming. These players tend not to take games too seriously – they play them for some light fun when they have nothing better to do. They don’t plan their day around gaming, and they rarely spend more than an hour or two on a session.

2. The Hardcore Gamer

What most non-gamers visualise when they hear the word ‘gamer’ is an overweight person covered in Doritos crumbs and surrounded by a sea of empty soda cans, sitting in a dark room, lit only by their computer screen. While this is an exaggerated stereotype, the Hardcore Gamer is the type who plans their day around games and spends hours on end glued to their monitors. In short, the Hardcore Gamer eats, sleeps, and breathes online casino games.

3. The Professional Gamer

This one is a special sub-group of the Hardcore Gamer – one whose livelihood depends on it, to be more accurate. They play competitively, and with insane prizes that can even reach millions, these gamers sometimes live off the prize money.

4. The Old-School Gamer

These retro gamers couldn’t care less about the quality of graphics – the ones from the 90s suit them just fine, thank you very much. Ever since setting their hearts on their game of choice, they are still playing decades later. The Old-School Gamers haven’t tried a new game or even theme. These types of gamers are set in their ways and have zero interest in abandoning what has served them so well so far, just for the sake of having tried something newer and flashier.

5. The Social Gamer

Motivated primarily by the social aspect of iGaming, you can find this breed of player playing anything from poker to blackjack in a live casino setting. After all, they ask, what’s better in life than connecting with others through the medium of iGaming?

This list is just scratching the surface of the multitude of stereotypes found in the vast iGaming community. At Computime Software, we are dedicated to providing solutions such as AXON Gaming which can help your iGaming business flourish through features and modules that allow marketing automation and player retention optimisation. Contact us for more information!

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